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  1. There ya go:

    1. Click the button
    2. Press enter
  2. Here's the example from documentation for defaultButton:

    var loginWindow = new Ext.window.Window({
    autoShow: true,
    width: 300,
    layout: 'form',
    title: 'Enter login...
  3. One year later, one major version later (Ext 6.0.0), this is still broken - getCount() and getTotalCount() only return number of visible nodes (in expanded branches).
  4. Interesting... it seems to work for me (with override). Let's wait for Sencha guys to come to work so they can take a look.
  5. Workaround:
  6. Another day, another Ext bug :-(

    Tell me if you've already got this one filed or fixed, before I spend time on writing a fiddle.
    Have a Tab panel (or any panel that hides and shows children)
  7. Just had the same issue. Basically html, body { overflow: hidden; } will break build (Ext 5.0.1).
  8. In Ext 5.0+ (probably also 4.0) the method is now called refreshNode().
  9. The following View Model formula works perfectly fine:

    formulas: {
    recordDirty: {
    bind: {
    bindTo: '{someRecord}',
    deep : true
  10. Here's a workaround for 5.0.1 users:
  11. Have a model with "length" field.
    Load remote data for a single entity (i.e. via YourModel.load(id))
    Have your server return just the entity as an object, i.e: { "id" : 1, "name": "Nile",...
  12. It doesn't in 5.0.1.

    Also - it changes how date is sent to the server, but in turn breaks locale-based date formatting (the way you see dates in the filter picker).

    How would you configure the...
  13. dateFormat only gets propagated to the underlying date picker (i.e. what people see in the menu), and again - has nothing to do with how the date is formatted when it gets to a store filter.

  14. Ext.Date.defaultFormat has nothing to do with dateWriteFormat - the former is the display format for fields and such, the latter is how the data is transmitted to the server. My override allows you...
  15. Well, basically Ext.grid.filters.filter.Date.prototype.convertValue() has a hardcoded routine to format the value into a timestamp.

    I've created an override to add support for dateWriteFormat - it...
  16. Well, you've changed the order of lines so effectively manipulated the output, but that does not affect the call tree (order of method calls).

    What's more important is how they are called. So the...
  17. Let's disect it one more time:

    So the callParent chain, before adding a mixin, is as follows: - the super class - the base
    So the execution would come from top...
  18. From docs:!/api/Ext.Mixin

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.Mixin',
  19. Same here.
  20. Actually, my case is even more complex because I wanted to have a separate sub-session for the form... Basically you can select a record in the store grid, selection is bound to sub-session (and...
  21. Cool Saki :-)

    I've actually worked around it in a similar way, basically attaching to the bound record and checking dirty - when it changes I poke the VM with viewModel.set('isDirty',...
  22. Not really. Release notes don't mention that bug :-(
  23. Demo:

    Have a grid in a border layout region.
    In that grid, have a widget column.
    Bind a store to the grid with X number of rows.
    Re-bind another store...
  24. Ext 5.0.1 GPL
    Have an app with moderate number of panels (i.e. a few grids, tab panels, full-screen border layout etc.)
    Test the app in devel mode sencha app watch - open...
  25. The base won't work well if you want different paths, like me. For example I'd put production in "public/app", and development in "app/build/development".

    I just hope they sort it out.

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