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  1. Yeah, we are still on an older version. Than maybe I have a look into the 4.2.2 code an see if I can use as an override!
  2. I am currently trying to track down a bug with a stacked chart I am having. It seems the culprit is the getYValueAccessors function which is defined in Ext.chart.series.Cartesian. It only returns...
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    Are userland Extensions and Plugins discouraged for ver 5? Because there is no forum for it and it is not on the market as far as I can see?
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    As follow up. The dev market provides their own statistice. Maybe management want to check those out:


    Roughly 30% of the listed companies.
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    I am from Germany and have been using Sencha for probably around 7 years now. I am also very frustrated with the "Support only Bug-Fix releases" and I just want to point people to...
  6. Hey,

    I have a checkbox for a "remember me" functionality in a login form. The user "Tabs" through the fields and enters his information. Then he reaches the checkbox, toggles with "Space bar" and...
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    HEy, I have multiple different Ext applications. After updating today to the newest version of Firebug 2.0 none work anymore. (Starting from 3.1 which is the oldest I am using). But 4.x and 5.x also...
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    I was able to pinpoint the problem by manually reformatting the file `phonegap/www/app.js` (using phpstorm) and then manually running `phonegap local build android`from the phonegap folder.

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    I got my phonegap app working and it also compiles an apk file, which I can deploy on my phone. But I get error in the ADT console:

    06-05 15:20:33.369: I/chromium(8939):...
  10. I just upgraded to newest Sencha Cmd for my Sencha Touch app, but now build fails.

    The error seems to be lying in here:

  11. I am just starting with Sencha Touch, so far I used mainly ExtJS.

    I am building a MVC application and I am trying to add a custom form.

    Ext.define('app.form.Vehicle', {
  12. This is my working solution:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.button.HoverButton', {
    extend: 'Ext.button.Button',
    alias: 'widget.hoverbutton',
    isOver: false,
    hideDelay: 250,
  13. I guess I didn't make myself clear enough.

    Take a look at these screenshots:

    The first one is the splash screen, which is shown for around 2s during the initial load of the page,...
  14. No, the toolbar is of course part of the viewport. That is the reason it takes 2s to render. But I would like to be able to display something upfront.
  15. Hey,

    currently I am building a multi-page MVC application. The navigation is mainly a Ext.Toolbar with several buttons.

    I already have a "Splash-Screen", but I would really like to be able to...
  16. Hey all,

    sorry to dig up this thread, but can anyone point me to the location of the fix? Because I am still on 4.1 and cannot update right now, because we cannot find the time to redo our custom...
  17. I am trying to monitor changes to a record on the remote backend. I save a task with a certain status attribute (i.e. "start") and now I want to periodically poll the backend if the status has been...
  18. Hey Christiand,

    just saw your question. I reads like you are using a buffered store. The problem might be that the scroll bar is adjusted to the number of rows. A possible simple solution that...
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    I wanted to build a Button for a form that has formBind: true and while there are errors and you hover over the Button it displays the current errors (similar to the Registration Form example, but...
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    Thanks for the answers. That is also a strong argument to always use initComponent to set default values for different extended components. But unfortunatly that overcomplicates my code right now....
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    Another question about configuration.

    I have a specialized Grid component, which has all the columns etc. for a specific model and also a viewConfig. Currently I use this grid in different places....
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    How can I set the correct scope of a function inside the viewConfig configuration. I want it scoped to the GridView. Setting the function on the grid is not an option, because the listeners are build...
  23. Then the existing record would be updated and have the same ID as the old record. The store aka grid would only show the one updated record and saving again would update the old record (because of...
  24. Once again I have a perhaps stupid sounding question.

    I have a Store and a Model that handles Fees that my customers have to pay. Each Fee has a starting date and an end date. Now I want to be...
  25. I am now posting in this thread, as I followed it to start migrating my 4.1 theme to 4.2

    So far not a whole lot works as before. I was able to get the custom package to compile and I started to...
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