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    Anyone find anything?

    The only clue I have is that this error/issue seems to happen occasionally when I'm testing my app on my laptop (in chrome) while traveling and I use my cellphone phone as a...
  2. Can you clarify why removing default: false solved the syntax error?
  3. Hey - I'm having a similar issue (16 syntax errors reported during build for production - none of which were previously reported by the browser/developer tools). I can't put an individual sencha js...
  4. Hi,

    I'm trying to build my app (for production) for the first time. My app has no Warnings or Errors in development. I'm run the command "sencha app build production". The builder gets up to...
  5. Not sure if it makes a difference but I'm doing this in app.js (there is no Ext.define).
  6. i will try this.
  7. any news on this?
  8. Looks like this is a duplicate of this thread right?
  9. @Jweber or Janelle - would really appreciate if either of you could provide an example of what the proper code might look like (I'm new to JS/OOJS but if I'm not mistaken I'm already doing what...
  10. same question as Kinetifex. Any luck?
  11. Can anyone help on this?
  12. hey janelle,
    can you explain a bit more what exactly you did here?
    My code is as follows...

    url_get_groups_tpl :...
  13. Hi Jacky - I'm new to Sencha but I feel the need to have the Index file located at a URL that is different than the rest of the sencha app files. My Sencha app lives within a Codeigniter app which...
  14. Thanks for the quick response.
    Yeah - It looks like I have a bit of reading to do on client side MVC before I choose a framework. At that point, I'll come back if I still need clarity.
  15. Hey - Hate to be the slow one but I didn't quite get the reply. Is the suggestion to have Models/Controllers in CI and Views served up from Sencha? If I misunderstood please clarify.
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