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    Sencha Charts Essentials is in stores, now. Check out this thread.
  2. Sencha Charts Essentials book is available, now!

    Hello folks!

    My book on Sencha Charts - Sencha Charts Essentials has been published by Packt publication and is available on Amazon and...
  3. I have created this slide that talks about how one can benefit from Sencha Charts to meet their data visualisation need.
  4. Walking Tree recently announce the release of its Stock Charts package -Chartsly - to the community. Current version that has been released is 1.0 and we are look forward to a great community...
  5. Hi All,

    I am planning to write a comprehensive book on the all-new Sencha Charts and would like to get your feedback. Following is the rough outline of the TOC:

  6. I tried by changing the mentioned file but that started causing error during the project generation. So, I downloaded ext- version and everything is fine with it.
  7. I had not created a Workspace. This was the command that I had run to generate the application:

    sencha -sdk ~/HTDOCS/extjs-4.2.0 generate app --name ChatApp --path ~/Work/SenchaCmd/ChatApp1/
  8. I downloaded Sencha Cmd and generated a new project using it. Now, without making any changes to the generated files, I simply tried running

    sencha app build

    and this fails with the following...
  9. Look at User service which offer Registration and Authentication service for Sencha Touch as well as ExtJS.
  10. Please visit Facebook page of Sencha Group and is the event that we would have in Pune...
  11. Hi all, is the Facebook page for the Sencha India Group. All the events are announced here.

  12. @pramod,

    I would recommend you set the title after the panel is rendered as shown in the below code:

    var pnl1 = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel',{
    title: 'Panel 1',
  13. please past your code and mention the ExtJS version where you have the problem
  14. @smkkiran,

    Change the definition to

    Ext.define('ddr.Chart', {
    extend : 'Ext.draw.Component',
    title : 'Welcome!',
    viewBox : false,
    initComponent : function() {
  15. Please paste an example code to reproduce this problem!
  16. @Travisrowland,

    While the workaround is okay, can you paste an example code, which can reproduce the issue?
  17. @Buzzword,

    Try using Ext.form.FieldContainer. Here is the code using which you can get an icon appearing next to the text field and handle the click on it:

    var image = Ext.create('Ext.Img', {...
  18. Replies

    Can you please elaborate on your need? Or can you attach a screenshot of what you are looking for?
  19. This is not supported, out-of-the-box in ExtJS 4. Look into the drawAxis method of the Ext.chart.axis.Axis class to see how the 'left' and 'right' positions are handled and you may get the hint to...
  20. Replies
    Look at the Ext.form.FieldContainer class.
  21. @smkkiran,

    Can you paste the class definition which you have defined by extending the draw component? Also, paste the code to show how you are instantiating and adding it to the Window.
  22. You might be better of creating the <img> tag and returning that from the renderer. Intercept the click handler on the grid and see if the target contains the image. If so, call the handler function...
  23. @new2extjs

    Typical steps are:

    1. From the UI, make an Ajax call to read the config object from the database
    2. In the success callback, instantiate the appropriate ExtJS component by passing...
  24. To take advantage of the 20% discount on the e-book, add the e-book to the cart and enter ak20sen in the promotional code field and then click the 'update' button to apply the...
  25. @Atul,

    You shall use the following code with 4.0 as there are changes in 4.0.7 and due to that you were getting the 'getScopePartent is undefined' error:

    doConstrain : function() {
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