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  1. There is a creatain column which can say double on doing some action .
    But since this is a child component of a panel. The resized column is not displayed.

    Can you tell how to dynamically...
  2. [SOLVED] there is some defer function .
    addEventToSaveButton.defer(1, this,[save_id]);

    so the function is called after some time (1 ms or 1s whatever) and save_id argument is passed to it.
  3. You see what I want is that the editor text box should fill in complete cell . ( Please do not suggest Fill Parent Plugin :) )
  4. 24217

    This is basically a cell editor when double clicked.
    When I checked how it is rendered , I found this is the structure

    <div class="..." style="...">
    <input class="..." style="..."/>...
  5. Please delete this .. There is a problem with the CSS perhaps that is causing this.
  6. Hi I have a Ext.form.Textfield editor in my column which I cannot style properly.
    i want to completely cover the column.

    How to Modify it's style ?

    Style , height , width nothing is working .
  7. Grid : onmouseover : true
    Grid View : RowOverCls
  8. Replies
    TrackMouseOver in Grid ,

    rowOverCls in Grid View ,

    This will change the row css on hover
  9. I am giving an id in column rendere but when I try to access it the program errors out saying that
    Ext.get("id") is null . This means that the cell did not render till then .

    How can I ensure...
  10. [SOLVED] I had that event in afterrender function : of course collapse and expand will trigger the afterrender again .
    But I am keeping the hide thing only .
  11. I had a case where a Panel had a link clicking which creates a event (download a file) occuring in IFrame.
    Now that event got triggered again and again whenever the panel was collapsed.

  12. I am debugging and provide with the my code :)
  13. Many Thanks =D>

    I became a jerk .. it is so much clearer now .
    Should have read the API before Posting this question sorry for that
  14. In that function I just found out what the value of the column was and tada !

    But again what is best way -- this is basically for Class .
    Suppose i want to do a different action like creating a...
  15. You need to include the checkColumn plugin file too

    Actually this code has other things too like...
  16. I want to show tooltip only if a articular column hass certain value .
    To explain I want to show tooltip only where 'account disable' column is true - telling the user to enable it.
  17. based on boolean value is false The row should be of Green Color and if true then Red .
  18. Do you see a tbar property ?
    Yes that's the way to do it .

    You know how to make an image clickable ...
  19. Hi ,
    I have this Pagination panel where I have to do certain action based on a boolean column (specifically different CSS) .
    Now there are three things I don't know

    1. How to do that ? Even if...
  20. Oh Apologies then actually I did the same in one -two other threads as updating from 2.2 to 3.3 made that work .

    BTW Merry Christmas :)
  21. How to get the checkColumn working :
    Read this :

    Also checkColumn does not work for Ext-2.2 i upgraded to 3 and it worked .
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    Only this will not help you :
    Read this :

    Also checkColumn does not work for Ext-2.2 i upgraded to 3 and it...
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    I am getting the same error .
    But this is not with every Extjs Component example.
    It sometimes appears with God's Grace and will not go .
    I can't find a way to logically explain this .
  24. + The thing I am seeing on net is a Row Editor Plugin . If this will help my use case please can you point me to a good example for the same ?
  25. Hi ,
    I have this use case where based on a certain data contains true or false I have to make the row uneditable and editable respectively.

    The row has multiple columns say price quantity which...
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