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  1. This code works nice in chrome but the trigger appears misplaced in firefox.
    Here is a fix so that it works in both browsers (I have not tested this in any other):

    protected void...
  2. The trigger was some how behind the other components, but still showing up.

    setting zindex did the trick: trigger.setZIndex(4);

    Here is the hole component including a fix to remove the...
  3. I think I am almost there, but I'm facing two problems:

    1 - I could not get the size of the trigger to adjust the size of the input accordingly so I set it to 25
    2 - (most important) My trigger...
  4. I tried to adapt the code of this thread with no success:

    Anyone knows how to do...
  5. Anyone know how can I do this with FileUploadField?

    I tried to adapt this code with no success.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The TreePanel documentation stats that the event CheckChange "Fires after a item's check state changes.".

    However, there is also the event "CheckChanged" which documentation says "Fires after...
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    How can I use my own gif with this checkbox?


    I tried to use the css defined by Condor and point the checkedClasses to it but it didn't work:

    checkedClasses: ['x-checkbox-undef',...
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