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  1. How do I select a newly added row in a grid programmatically after I add in it?
    I've tried using the following but nothing was selected.

    ModelData model = getDefaultModel(); // get a new default...
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    Is there anyway to add customization to the HTMLEditor? I would like to add my own toolbar for embedding image urls from a remote server.
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    Thank you for the reply. Would this fail if the grid had zero rows? I'm trying to compute the height for n rows for a paging grid.
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    How do I go about computing the height of a grid?

    HeaderHeight + (Number of Rows * Row Height)

    but what are the numbers for Header height and Row height? Are they dependent on the CSS used?
  5. Also, after changing the height to 16, the form in picture 2 is no longer rendered correctly.
  6. Picture 1 depicts the mangled combobox and Picture 2 depicts the correctly displayed combobox. Using Safari 3.0.4 (523.12). I made a new account and used safari there to perform these screen...
  7. The problem also exists for Safari for Windows. You could test with that! :P Also, in another one of my messages, I noted that the combobox renders correctly in one demo while not in another.
  8. If you take a look (using safari) at the version 1.1.1 examples (form and combobox) and check dynamic forms you will see that the combobox is rendered CORRECTLY for form 3 (Fieldsets, labels right...
  9. Did you check the checkboxes? I'm using them in a BasicDialog and checkboxes render wider than display area, regardless of how wide I made the BasicDialog.
  10. I'm using the nightly build webKit version 523.11+ and I still have the comboBox and checkbox error. Have you tried using the nightly build for windows?
  11. So there is no current solution for this?
  12. When rendered on a mac using Firefox, the problems you describe do not appear. Enclosed below is a screen shot of the dialog box.

    The css files included are in this order.

  13. No matter how wide I make the BasicDialog box, the scroll bars still remain. I've tracked it down to the CheckBox element. If I remove it, the BasicDialog box does not have the scroll bars. If I do...
  14. Is there anyway to update the PagingToolbar after deleting a record in the store bound to the PagingToolbar? I am currently reloading the grid after deletion but there has to be a simpler way of...
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