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  1. oops, attached here is the JSON in the raw...
  2. For fun I loaded deaconb's project file and the problem reproduces on both my environments.

    I wonder if we are experiencing the same problem. The error message is the same.
  3. Ive attached the simpliest project file I could create that reproduces the problem.
    To reproduce the problem, just load the project and go to the store tab and right-click and select "Load Data".
  4. it should be added that I see the data get loaded -- the tree populates, but instantly after that, the modal dialog box opens, and my only choices are to exit or restart.
  5. Here's exactly what I did to cause this to occur:

    1) Start a new project in the designer.
    2) Add a tree panel
    3) Create a new JSON Tree Store, add URL, fields etc.
    5) associate the tree...
  6. I too would like to put in a strong request for debugging, or just some logging.

    I am getting the exact same error, the only options are to restart or exit designer.

    This is happening when I...
  7. Hmmm, good idea. Just finished playing with the autoDestroy settings -- no change in behavior. There doesn't seem to be an autoDestroy property to gridPanel BTW.

    I also just noticed the...
  8. Yeah, I've played around with that. Actually, all the exit path's from email_win should call .close(), so email_win will always be destroyed on exit and re-created when publish is clicked.

  9. Hey guys,

    I have a "publish" button on my grid that produces a Ext.Window that contains a formPanel and some buttons.

    After the user does anything, I want that window destroyed with the...
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    Hi Guys,

    I have an application where I present a list of filters that get sent back to the server for DB level filtering. I want the delete filter to be a (x) - for example, imagine a shopping...
  12. Hi guys, I'm really hitting my head on the wall for this one.

    Eventually I want a two section border layout, with a form in "west" and a grid in "center". That wasnt working, so I simplified...
  13. I have the need to update many records at once.
    I have a function that fires when the user clicks on "publish selected records". The problem is, there is one POST for every record updated. Even if...
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