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  2. Still have the problem...removing doctype isn't a solution for me!

  3. Stefan B... did you find the solution?
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    Still have the problem...
    Viewport doesn't resize when I minimize the window (only IE6).

    My viewport has layout:"fit".

    Removing the doctype isn't a solution for me!
  5. I'm using this version of Ext, so I don't know if the bug is already fixed.

    I'm writing this post for the one who has the same problem.

    If you put a div (with long html content) with...
  6. For the one, like me, that was searching a way to put the viewport inside a form.

    Read the first thread of this post:
    I used this code:

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    Didn't see mjlecomte reply... I was writing my own...
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    OK, i get the point. Ext MessageBox is a singleton.
    So you can:
    - add multiple error message to one MessageBox
    - try Toast Window or, better, MessageWindow (if fit your needs)
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    Maybe your last message hide the others(which are under)?
    So... try to move the message you see...
  10. Confirm, the latest prototype version still have the error.
    The above patch works for me.

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    i wanna use the Ext.TabPanel each time updating the content of the same div via ajax.
    So, it will be a "fake" tab because the content is loaded always on the same div. End user see anyway the...
  12. Hi all,
    I wanna open the menu of this example with the "colorMenu" already visible.
    I mean.... when user click the toolbar button the menu open and the "colorMenu" is visible also if the user...
  13. yes... this is what I mean.

    I've developed a solution also for the Modal Window but now I haven't time to write here.
    Just let you know that my solution is similar, in the idea, to the butor...
  14. No news in this thread?
  15. Investigating on this problem I've found this thread:

    Seems that also in my case the tree doesn't have the the "keydown" event is not...
  16. Hi,
    i'm using a Tree Panel with this extension and checkbox.
    With IE6 and IE7 the keyboard navigation doesn't work. On firefox all ok.
    The tree...
  17. Sorry...but I don't see relation between Css Box Model and Combo Bug of IE....
    What did you mean?
  18. Hi,
    thanks for the reply. Resolved with a function that hide all the combo in the page when MessageBox show and re-show when the MessageBox is closed.

    Something like this:

    var ar =...
  19. Hi,
    i'm displaying a modal MessageBox inside a page that contains html select combo boxes.
    The mask seems to not cover the combo the user can change their value!

    Screenshot attacched....
  20. JamesC... what do you mean exactly?
  21. bump
  22. OK, thanks for the reply. For me, this is a high priority bug.
    Hope is useful.
    If requested i can give a description more detailed of the solution.

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  24. Hi,
    in reply to this thread: I've search in the Ext 2.0 forum but I haven't found nothing.
    So, I want to share my personal solution to solve the...
  25. Hi, i'm using Ext.form.NumberField. I want to allow user digit like "." and "-" but only one per field. Now it is possible to input more than one digit like "." and "-".
    How can i achieve this?
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