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  1. i want change string dynamically.
    i have a big database.i cant evaluate count of record immediately .
    i want set total property 100 or 1000 and show grid.
    after 5 seconds i find total record and...
  2. Hello.
    I have one grid with pagingtoolbar, I want to display an image before the data is fully loaded.
    After the data has been fully loaded, the number of rows the table will display.
    Or more...
  3. Yes. I'm using 4.0.7 .but currently i cant upgrade.
    but I changed the grid config to this:


    and my problem solved.
  4. Hi
    Can i use PortalDropZone(that exist in extjs portal sample)?How?
  5. hi
    I have one panel whose layout is border layout and in the center of this panel, there is a portal. Also, there is a tree in the west region of the panel.
    I want add new portlet to the portal by...
  6. hi tvanzoelen.
    thanks for your answer. but i tested your approach and my problem didn't resolve. (:|
  7. I've got a serious problem with grid's vertical scroll bar when I load data into the grid frequently and specially when the loaded data has a size of zero. It comes from that the user can set some...
  8. hi
    i have same problem.
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