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  1. Thank you, Farish.

    Let me try as you suggest.
  2. Hi:

    I have a store that has a dataset:

    {category:color, value:red},
    {category:color, value:green},
    {category:risk, value:high},
    {category:color, value:blue},
  3. Hi:

    I have a datagrid, FathersDataGrid that displays JSON records, in which a record's schema is:

    firstName - string
    lastName - string
    dob - data
    children - array [{firstName, lastName,...
  4. Hi:

    I have a ExtJS 4.0 project I have been writing in SA 2.1. Recently I created a custom component for the project. I wrote the component in ExtJS 4.1. The 4.0 project will not allow me to add...
  5. Found a good place to start, I guess:
  6. Hi:

    I am new to ExtJS 4.x and Sencha Architect. I am looking for a comprehensive overview document/book/video that is geared to experienced Java/C#/Javascript OOP programmers with web app...
  7. Thank you, skirtle!

    I've learned a lot from your writing.
  8. Hi:

    I am trying to extact the data from an existing combobox, get distinct values in the data I have extracted and then reassign the distinct data to the combobox.

    First, I get the data by...
  9. Figured it out.

    I had to:

    Get the file, CheckColumn.js from the ExtJS.4.x download and put it into a directory I created, /app/ux, under the web app root.
    Add a loader to the Application...
  10. Danguba: Thanks!

    But, I cannot seem to locate checkcolumn in the Sencha Architect toolbox. do I need to import a file. If so, tell me please, what do I need to do?

    Thanks again for all your...
  11. Hi:

    I am using Sencha Architect 2. I have a data grid in which one field is boolean values. Instead using a Boolean column, I want to display the cell value as a checked or unchecked value.

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