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  1. I want to render some data with tree structure using xtemplate.
    so how to support the recursive for the child node?

    sample data: ...
  2. [QUOTE=JamesC;171606]Try using:

  3. up up
  4. up
  5. I have an application which pop up window with an iframe in it.When I opened and closed the window several times ,I found that the memory increase.So I checked it in sieve
  6. the superclass is set by
    sp = sb;
    so what kind change happens to sb
    after execute
    sb = function(){sp.apply(this, arguments);};
  7. in Ext.extend:

    if(typeof sp == 'object'){
    overrides = sp;
    sp = sb;
    sb = function(){sp.apply(this, arguments);};
  8. set shim:true seems doesn't work.
    this is my layout script,and html page's body part code.
    var viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
  9. I created a main page using border layout,and center region,east region are both iframe ,so when i popup a dialog on the center iframe page,the dialog was covered by the east iframe.How to solve this?
  10. I tried
    new Ext.Toolbar(
  11. I created a viewpart using boardlayout.
    And I want to change the west region to show different tree when different action happens.
    In Ext1.1 there's a method to get the region.
    But I didn't...
  12. but when you call tree.getChecked() ,you still get the node which is checked last time,and seems not checked now.
    ok,i see .you also need to change the node attribute.
  13. [CODE]
  14. I want load an xml file from server which contains data for a grid and a form on page.
    So when I create a store and apply with a reader, it seems that I can't load the data for fill the form.Any...
  15. Replies
    I use this js in a dynamic loaded tree ,when I uncheck the parent node's checkbox or double click the parent node's checkbox,it unchecked or checked the children node.
    so the chidren's node was...
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