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  1. Have a look at here:
  2. I got the same problem, but the solution provided here did not solve my problem.
    Instead the following solved it for me:

    grid.on("render", function(view) {
  3. I think parantheses are missing to add this.useNull to all conditions?! (see red parantheses)
    Might this be a bug?

    BOOL: {
    convert: function(v) { // v is '' (empty string)
  4. Already occurs in 4.02.
  5. Yes you're right, but the problem (or bug?) is that in both cases we have a proxy instance, but not a reader instance.

    Ext.applyIf(proxy, {
    model: me.model

    is not equivalent to
  6. Hi,

    I have a store with a proxy defined as follows:

    proxy: {
    type: "ajax",
    url: "some url",
    reader: {
    type: "json",
    root: "myRoot"
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    I'm using the multi-application technique with overriding the EventBus [...]. It works like a charm - until now.
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    No, just for "controllers" or any other ones. Defining it in "requires" requires you to specify the full name.
  9. What about adding 'controller' to the modules-array in order to require a controller to be loaded?

    What I want to do is:

    Ext.define("App.controller.TestController", {
    controllers : [
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    You don't need the prefix in controller declaration, because it's prepended automatically.

    controllers: [

    Maybe that's the problem because the prefix occurs...
  11. This works partially.. I just get the JSON string, not the decoded User instance.

    So I googled a lot and just removed the writer config and declared the Server-method with the User-object...
  12. Figured it out!

    Set this writer config on the proxy:

    writer : {
    encode : true,
    root : "user" // Param name

    which causes the Ajax request to send -> data : "user=[encoded...
  13. Hi,

    given the following model:

    Ext.define("User", {
    extend : "",

    fields : [
    { name : "id" },
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    Hi dorgan, how did you specify the font-size for the panel header?

    I hope you didn't do this via inline CSS setting HTML like this: <span style="font-size:20pt;">Title</span>

    I'm looking for a...
  15. Sorry, forgot to mention it's IE 9.0.

    I'm using a single word in the node.
  16. Workaround for IE does not work for me.

    Very strange bug. Has this been already fixed? 28003
  17. I would recommend to create a ResourceManager that returns a given resource string into the appropriate app language.

    text : App.ResourceManager.get("btn_cancel")
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    Ok, sorry for this thread and your answers. It was my fault that it didn't work.
    I have overwritten the JsonReader which worked well in 3.x

    Ext.override(, {
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    Thank you guys for your answers, but adding an 'id' field can't be a required option (tried your suggestion though, does not work).
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    No, that did not solve the problem.. Tried several variations. I think it's a "cleaner" JSON when properties are surrounded by quotation marks. The JSON is generated automatically by Newtonsofts...
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    I have a JSON web service that returns the following:

    'announcements' : [
    { 'Title' : 'Item 1' },
    { 'Title' : 'Item 2' }
  22. Hi,
    first I had only series displaying 3 fields. This resulted in 3 lines in the chart which all had different colors. But the graphs weren't correct, so I decided to take for each field one series....
  23. Ok, I got it. Forgot to update series and axes on the chart, too.
  24. Hi,
    as in the line chart sample provided, a simple call of store.loadData() updates the chart. In my case, the fields of the store can vary. This is where the chart is not updated when calling...
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    I use following code to embed a text field into a window header, which almost works - in IE (9).
    Not in Firefox (4.0). = Ext.extend(Ext.Window,
    render : function()...
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