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  1. Hi All,
    i'm using extjs 3.2 version...

    combobox is not properly aligned in Opera browser version 11.62

    plz see the attachment for it...

    it is working fine in IE.

    plz any body can help...
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    plz .. can any one help me on this...
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    hi all,
    i'm using Ext.ux.Andrie.Select plugin for multiselect in combobox .
    i have problem with this plugin,where can i post my question?

    i don't know is this the right place to post my thread?...
  4. hi all,
    i have a grid in that 1 column is having combobox.user can select the data and save.
    what i need is after saving,if reopened the form which is having grid,i need to get the values of the...
  5. Hi Wes,
    thanks u so much.. for ur help...
    it's working...:)
  6. Hi,
    thanks for ur reply,
    any sample or example will be helpful.

    thanks in adv.
  7. Hi All,
    i'm new to Extjs...this is my first post in this forum..i hope someone help me...:)
    my query is..
    i have a checkbox and combobox in a panel,if i select checkbox i wanted to set some value...
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