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  1. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:


  2. May I hope to reopen this thread with my own version to reproduce the bug?

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">

  3. Don't know if your answer can satisfy everybody but me for sure..thank's!!before close the about the bug?I will use that workaround it a real bug in your opinion?
  4. i've created a little test in the linked is a simplified version of the contains just the button,the menu with 3 entry and the two listeners on expand and beforeexpand...
  5. ...?
    was the response for what?
  6. Here the link to the mini-fiddle.

    As you will see the listeners aren't fired...
  7. Thanks for the response,my fault I was lookin' for beforeexpand listener in another place.
    But,after add the listener,it don't fire...this is my constructor...why the beforeexpand and the expand...
  8. Hi all,
    I've replaced the tabs labels with buttons that contains menu.

    Now I have a problem.When switching tabs obviously the expand menu is everytime...
  9. Interesting but...
    The record is created from a RowEditor but it is inserted into the store by an add command.In that moment why the ArrayReader doesn't modify the structure?
  10. Hi all,
    I've a question about stores. I've a GroupingStore with Array Records and Reader and a RowEditor.
    With roweditor I can add records to grid (this works) and save clicking a button.
  11. I think you can use the eval function...

    Ext.Array.each(application_modules, function(module, index, modulesItSelf) {
    modulesApp = Ext.Array.insert(modulesApp, index,...
  12. you have to add the VisibilityMode plugin to tabpanel. It avoid the destruction of hidden objects.Do a research about this plugin, I can't say anything about ext4 compatibility,sorry :)
  13. how you config the treepanel? with extjs3 you had to put a treeloader or similar, in extjs4 it has a store. check the api
  14. Found the solution:
    The TabPanel is not receiving a height from its surrounding layout due to how it is being placed, so I must insert a layout fit in the center region
  15. my target is to have a Portal inside a tab with:
    -dynamic number of columns
    -fixed size of each columns

    So if I add a column, I need that portal raise his width

    Please some help!!
  16. Hi all,
    i need to make works this simple example to understand the behaviour of TabPanel.
    I read a lot of thread about it and the answer is often
    -make the item (grid in this example) directly...
  17. I have a strange behaviour with your implementation..the state save just the order of the portlets and not the real it possible?In fact if I left an empty column it will be filled with a...
    Hi MaximGB,thank's for your extension,it works great.I have just a question about it.With Ext.TskMgr i schedule an automatic load of the Treegrids datastore and it works...
  19. OK,to find where is the error I've tryed the same procedure(build grid,build a task,fill the grid with the scheduled task) with only a grid (not n grids as the previous post) works!!So the...
  20. eheh your point.
    I've debugged with Firebug
    With autoload:false there isn't calls to server at the begin and after 30 secs I can see n calls to localhost/ws/loadTreeGrid and this is correct.
    I can...
  21. Please,anibody can help me??
  22. any ideas????
  23. Hi all,
    I've n Ext.ux.maximgb version of TreeGrids built on server side and n task built client side for update every 30 secs the treegrid's datastore data.
    the behavior is:
    -if datastore have...
  24. ok,solved,the uxvismode.js that I had wasn't correct.Taken the official one and now It's ok.

    Another question:
    where can I find an example of a fusionchart data loaded from a local json data...
  25. Hi all,
    I've a problem with the EXT extension for FusionCharts.
    I'm trying to render a simple FC in this way:

    var fusion= new Ext.ux.Chart.Fusion.Panel({
    id : 'Column3D',
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