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  1. Hi All,

    To make my life easier I wanted to group certain items from their this.ref into an object within their parent. Rather than coming straight off the parent.

    At first I naturally assumed...
  2. This is really cool. Need to activate the download theme button!
  3. Demo

    Hi all,

    After being frustrated with the CheckboxGroup, with its many nested panels, no add / insert / remove / removeAll functionality, I decided to write my own version, which also...
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    I fixed it like so:

    target = Ext.get('some-el');
    this.qtip = new Ext.ToolTip({
    target: target,
    title: 'title',
  5. A small "enhancement" to the card layout.
    Adds directional arrows to either side of the panel. See screenshot.

    Pretty basic, but fit my needs fairly well.

    Warnings: Not tested in anything...
  6. on render:

    this.bodyScroller = this.getView().scroller;

    and then on.body('mousemove'... use the scroll function in Ext.Element on the this.scroller.
  7. Updated. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys,

    I've just successfully ported over and improved NoGray's Mootools TimePicker by Wesam Saif (released under MIT-style license)

    Config options:

    imagesPath: defaults to...
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    JSLint people!
  10. That was awesome, thanks ckr. Demonstrated it really well. :)
  11. (Belated reply!)

    Anything I release on the forums is always under the WTFPL.

    Keeping in mind the licensing issues with Ext public extensions of course. But if anyone is going to be knocking at...
  12. Can I just make a quick suggestion?

    I changed the show & hide functions to actually call hide() on the drawer element. The reason why is that I use a lot of textfields with custom placed icons...
  13. Nope, no scroll bars were even present when I encountered it.

    It works fine in Gecko (inc FF3) / Opera / Webkit (Chrome / Safari 3+4) but when I tested it in ie6 and ie7 they both throw an error...
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    OK, I just did a quick test in ie6. TreeMenu works. Resizing the js source window doesn't thanks to a bug in ext-all.

    But otherwise it seems to work. Unfortunately it does need the fix (otherwise...
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    Thanks :)

    I would have used the Ext base images.. however they're only 16x16! My thinking for the treemenu is for nice large icons and menus. So I was aiming for a norm of 32x32.

    I'm using the...
  16. Bit of a large example.. but I encountered it when creating my TreeMenu extension: which basically just adds on 'mouseout' to 'li.x-tree-node'
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    Constructing the menu is done by using the items property, e.g.:

    var treeMenu = new Ext.ux.TreeMenu({
    id: 'tree-panel',
    autoScroll: true,
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    I've just finished building an extension to the TreePanel to make it more 'menuey' and easier to add, move, remove and map items.

    The treemenu uses a 'hierarchy' system i.e.:

  19. I managed to "fix" the issue with the following:

    Ext.lib.Event.getRelatedTarget = function(M) {
    M = M.browserEvent || M;
    var L = M.relatedTarget;
    if (!L) {
    if (Ext.isIE)...
  20. ext-base.js:
    getRelatedTarget: function(M) {
    M = M.browserEvent || M;
    var L = M.relatedTarget;
    if (!L) {
    if (M.type ==...
  21. Hey guys,

    I have quickly thrown together a radiotextfield & checkboxtextfield extensions (by shamelessly piggy backing off jsakalos's fantastic work with the DateTimeField extension)

    It works...
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    Check out my slide layout extension:
  23. Hey guys,

    Here's a little tool I whipped up that sends params and updates an iFrame with the response. Good for testing backend Json responses and the like.

    Let me know what you think and if...
  24. Odd, I've replaced the file; Try downloading again.
  25. Ok quick fix. Which may actually break other stuff (but it seems to be working no problems for me at this point in time. YMMV

    If you're still running into issues I can't help you, as I said, this...
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