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  1. I am currently evaluating Sencha Architect 3 for code development.  Prior to using this tool, I was just writing the Javascript code by hand. I started off with a TreePanel project that will...
  2. Thanks a lot that worked for me.
  3. I commented that line out and add mystore.model = mystore.getUpdatedRecords().getAt(0); in it's place. The commented out line did not seem to make a difference.
  4. I have a container that contains two components (1) a simple form and a grid panel. When the view containing the two components is load the grid panel populates with no problems, but the form...
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    Did anyone find a fix to this problem. I'm running ExtJs 4.2.1 and have encountered this problem. The parent nodes are the child nodes unto themselves in an infinite loop. I have no idea what is...
  6. I did some more digging through my code and I found the problem in the store.load callback.{ scope : this, callback: function(records, operation,...
  7. I'm trying to add gridpanels and dataviews to a panel's card layout. While I am able to do this some what, the grid panel does not display the toolbars upon rendering. It does display the toolbar in...
  8. I have a problem with the following code. I have a panel with a card layout. I can add dataviews and grid panels to the panel via the card layout interface and navigate between the cards with no...
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    Has anyone ported a jWebsockets project to ExtJS 4 MVC.  If so I would be greatly interested in it. I have been using the jWebsocketSencha example that came with jWebsockets. Unfortunately it...
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