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  1. Sorry, we have not upgrade our application to Ext5, and I don't know how many users had upgrade.
    If you need the 5 version, leave your message. thanks.
  2. I got it in a bad way:


    I trace the code, copy them out and write a new '_setRootNode' method.
  3. Thank you very much. But setRootNode is too much low efficiency. And I tried bufferedrenderer too, it's works and make 'cellRender' half less, but still double time cost then
  4. How to replace all node from tree(treegrid) most efficiently? just like the "loadData" in grid store.

    I have a tree with 100 nodes and I want to do some change with them like add or remove some...
  5. I found the answer by view the src.

    var recordsInStore = store.pageMap.getRange(0, pageSize); //get All Data

    store.pageMap.addPage(1, recordsInStore);// set Data static
  6. Try this, you may need some modification for your requirements.

    /* * 数据格式示例 : var testdata = { part : { 'Jul 01' : 2000, 'Aug 02' : 2400, 'Sep 03' : 2000, 'Oct 04' :
    * "", 'Dec 05' : null },...
  7. try this:
  8. Try this:
  9. Replies
    A extend from Ext.form.field.Date,just choose Year & month without date.
  10. I had a store and I want update it's data :

    The correct code with buffered = false :

    //buffered = false
    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ...,
  11. Can you provie your case code and evn infomation like IE version,os and so on
  12. Thank you very much, I will take a look at that.
  13. What if I want to change the layout config when the owning panel layout?

    var child1 = new Ext.panel.Panel({
    title: 'Panel',

    collapsible: true,
    anchor: '100% 40%',
  14. Can you provide your case code please?
    I think the property 'altFormats' will not work as expect and the format for time part is 'H:i:s' and unchangeable, any format set for this part would not...
  15. This is just a case to show error.

    I find this when I upgrade my custom portal component to 4.1.0.

    There is a feature in my portal : when one portlet was collapsed/expanded, closed or...

    Ext version tested:

  17. It was a logic in my custom component. I wrote a portalpanel with layout 'column', and I want all its items has the same height as the portal, so I set the items's height in the portal's beforLayout....
  18. I had update the thread and put the upgrade version for ext-4.1.0.

    All the bugs in replays had be fixed, I guess:>.

    Thanks again and welcome improve replay.

    Ext version tested:

  20. Replies
    No matter how long the fixed bug list, my only concern its performance in IE.
  21. Thanks for your answer.
    I know the reason for the el error, but if I just render the Form with " container.add(reportForm); ", The height I got is just as the container's height, like 80px, it's too...
  22. Thank you very much for your reply.
    But, my problem is not How/When to reset the container height but How much px I should set.
    It will get a suitable height for the formpanel when use a DIV...
  23. Hi,
    As the 'autoHeight' is no longer available, I got a question when render a form.
    I have a simple viewpoint with 'column' layout, it's items just like this:

    items: [{
    id: 'menuColumn',...
  24. I didn't test that, you can try it and if there are any bug, I will be glad to help.
  25. Thank you!
    I had edited the post and uploaded a new zip.
    I'm very sorry for this bug because I had found and resolve this before I post it, but I made a big mistake when upload the js files.
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