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    No examples in 2.0 pr3 work, neither does my code obviously.
    I am on dev channel, and it just updated to 18 today.

    Interestingly, I do see DOM generated, you just can't see anything. And if I...
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    In regards to LiveGrid, and if this is true: , how does GPL really interfere with your work?

    You can re-license LiveGrid under proper...
  3. Well, i think that's not too bad - if you are a commercial user then you buy it, if you are a GPL developer, then get it under GPL. I don't have too much expirence with QT, but i think the way they...
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    Exactly my concern - from reading all the pages here this has been only mentioned couple of times, but also once MindPatterns - the creator of the wonderful LiveGrid that i fully intended to use in...
  5. I have been developing a proof-of-concept remake of our web app in ExtJS and so far it's a slam-dunk - very nice architectural design, and helpful community additions.

    One of the major points we...
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