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    Thanks for the fix, I've updated the first post.
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    wfm in IE11 so will assume this was an IE bug that got fixed.
  3. I have a separate issue with ext 5:
  4. I'm running into this issue in 4.2.1, It's fixed in 4.2.2 but that isn't publicly available.

    EXTJSIV-10270 Tree node drag scrolls in wrong direction
    Is there an override I can use to fix this?
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    When I try to load extjs 5 from cachefly I run into cors issues:

    <script src=""></script>

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load...
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    This doesn't look like it handles overflow so presumably when you add a lot of tabs the add tab button may no longer be visible. Hence my more complicated version..
  7. I've fixed some bugs and it's working nicer now.It's not perfect yet so if anyone wants to help, let me know.
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    I have the same problem and am working on a solution:
  9. I guess there isn't then so I had a go myself by adapting boxreorder.
    It's working (mostly). But it's a little buggy:

    The main issues are that after moving...
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    I declare themes like so:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//" />
    <link rel="alternate...
  11. Is there an extension or example where you can drag a tab from one tab panel to another tab panel?
    I couldn't find anything on Google. And the forum search doesn't seem to be working properly.
  12. Can't drag tabs all the way to the right.

    e.g. try dragging tab 11 to the right:

    There seems to be an invisible barrier. Issue occurs in Chrome...
  13. See the ext demo:

    Right click Tab 1 -> Close Other Tabs.
    Tab 1 should still be open but all closable tabs are closed.
  14. Thanks for checking into this.

    I would have tested in 4.2.1 but couldn't find it on cachefly.
  15. I'm using a treepanel with treeviewdragdrop enabled (Ext 4.2.0).
    The bug works as follows.
    The treepanel must have a vertical scrollbar.
    Scroll to the bottom and select a node.
    Then select a...
  16. add this css to get it working in IE:

    z-index: 1000;
  17. I got the same issue in ext 4.2
  18. I've added the createTab option to the example.
    Also this was tested in Ext 4.2.0
  19. got it, but isn't the data param unnecessary and/ or misleading?
  20. I'm trying to load a treestore via a directfn but the node just shows a loading spinner regardless of what is returned to the loading function fn:

    treeFn = function (file, fn, proxy) {

    I'm trying to get this to work but it strikes me as a bug:

    Shouldn't this:

    createRequestCallback: function(request, operation,...
  22. I've ported Ext.ux.TabCloseOnMiddleClick to ext4
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    I created an ext4 version that switches to a toolbar when overflow is reached:...
  24. Adds a new tab button to the tabstrip.
    Similar to

    Button changes to a toolbar when overflow is reached.

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    The problem with that approach is that the addTab is not always visible when there is a tab scroller.
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