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  1. It appears that a Navigation.View pushed inside a Navigation.View caused this issue.
    When i changed the loaded Navigation.View to an Ext.dataview.List everything seemed to work better.

    Still at...
  2. Hi,

    I have a NavigationView with a list.
    This list is controlled by a controller who has the itemtap captured. (By component query: 'xtype list' , example: 'UiJobView list')
    Once clicked on a...
  3. Hi,

    We have noticed that our users who use IE(8/9) x64 bit version, are viewing charts with italic fonts (or random fonts) for the labels that are used.

    The problems seem to occure with the use...
  4. Hi,

    Will there be support for the Windows Phone 7.5 with IE9 within the nearby future?

    Best regards,

  5. Hi,

    I have followed the instructions to install the Sencha SDK 2.0.0.-Beta3 and the Sencha Touch files.
    To get it working i needed to install the SDK 2.0.0.-Beta3 , download Sencha Touch...
  6. Hi,

    Well we would like our compiled development environment of our application to be as compact as posible.
    Each and every file that is not needed or could be avoided to be used within the...
  7. Hi,

    We wore wondering why the sencha slice tool uses "ext-all-debug.js" instead of "ext-all-dev.js".
    They dont seem that much diffirent from each other and perhaps its posible to just use...
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