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  1. Turns out the UI issues I'm having were due to including Bootstrap 3 CSS, which was messing stuff up.

    However, I'm still interested in the clear.gif compiler warning.
  2. Hi,

    Having switched to GXT 3.1.2 + GWT 2.7.0, I now get the following error during compilation:

    [WARN] Resource 'com/sencha/gxt/core/public/clear.gif' was located via ClassLoader. As a...
  3. Hi branflake2267 --

    Give this a try:

    package org.yournamehere.client;

  4. It should be noted that the JavaDoc comment created for the relevant IF statement DOES comma-separate the arguments correctly, using the ARGS function at the bottom of the file. Looks like a simple...
  5. In XTemplatesGenerator, the arguments to a
    TemplateCondition are processed by splitting the arguments string on ",".

    When the arguments are pieced back together, they are not re-constructed with...
  6. Any update on this? I'm having the same issue with GXT 3.1.1
  7. I was right that you need to use the

    Had to do something hacky with defining a class that exposes various boolean methods, and including a singleton instance of this in my...
  8. We can ignore this -- I was trying to use the formatter in a conditional string, which requires the use of
    @TemplateConditions instead of formatters and factories.

    I feel that your documentation...
  9. This may be because the templates have other errors in them.

    Nevermind, that doesn't seem to be the case -- I tried this using a template that compiles without error, and the custom formatter is...
  10. Hello,

    I cannot seem to successfully define any custom XTemplate property formatters.

    The guide posted at gives...
  11. It looks like I'd have to use
    TemplateCondition somehow, but I'm not quite sure how...
  12. Simple use case example: is it possible to define an "isNotNullOrEmptyString" that XTemplates can use such that the following works in an XTemplate?

  13. Interesting - this was a bug report from one of my coworkers, and he was able to reproduce this in front of me yesterday. However, on my own Mac running Safari 6.0.5 and OS X 10.8.4, the application...
  14. Hello,

    In Safari on Mac OS X, if you attempt to select multiple items in a DualListField, only the item you click on will be selected. This is reproducible both in our code, and in the example app...
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    Method dispatch(AppEvent, boolean) of com.sencha.gxt.legacy.client.mvc.Dispatcher currently reads:

    private void dispatch(AppEvent event, boolean createhistory) {
    BeforeAppEvent before =...
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    Yeah, if I add the panels before adding the Viewport to the RootPanel, everything works fine. It was just inconvenient, not as much as a show stopper (in this use-case, anyway.)
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    Hi Sven,

    I am sure that the ContentPanels being added are brand-new.
    Pseudo code for my use case is as follows:

    Viewport v = new Viewport();
    v.setWidget(new BorderLayoutContainer());...
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    When attempting to add a ContentPanel to an AccordionLayoutContainer, I get the following error:

    java.lang.AssertionError: Method must be called before the widget is rendered
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    This does do the trick, Sven.

    Any chance a simple setter for this can/will be added in the future, or that it be adjusted automatically if the TabItemConfig uses HTML? I imagine anyone using a...
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    I'm having trouble with TabItemConfig objects using HTML.
    It seems that when using HTML as the TabItem text, the TabItemConfig no longer is clickable.
    See the following:

    public void...
  21. import;
    import com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.ContentPanel;...
  22. In GXT 2.x, when a TabItem was disabled, two things would happen:
    The text of the tab would be grayed out to indicate the disabled state
    The mouse would remain in default pointer style when...
  23. You can close it - that was definitely the problem. Really sorry for time drain!
  24. From this, it appears that the onSubmit/SubmitHandler are called when FormPanel.submit() is fired, not when the submission is complete. This would explain a lot. Is there an alternative way to listen...
  25. See the (hopefully attached) image for Netbeans' representation of the callstack.
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