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    But doesn't Google Visualisations API require connectivity to Google itself?
    Some enterprises don't even allow their staff PCs to have internet connectivity... (:|
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    Not sure if anyone else has this problem...

    LoadMask appears and disappears very quickly - even while iframe page load request is still ongoing?

    Edit: okay, found this in your sample config......
  3. Thanks, 1.04 works fine for stateful:false... :)
  4. Not sure if it is a bug, but setting 'stateful : false' still results in state cookies getting created to store defaultSrc?
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    Ext.grid.ColumnModel's findColumnIndex() method is not documented.
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    As per title, the 'el' config option not documented for BoxComponent and Component.
  7. Saw that this bug has been fixed too in the current svn code. Thanks.
  8. Noticed that this bug has been fixed in the latest svn.

    No luck for the column autosizing though /:) Guess it's a different issue entirely.
  9. Note that you should register the element which has the scrollbar with the ScrollManager, e.g. playList instead of rightcontent?

    This thread might help:
  10. For 1, the title uses SPAN, which doesn't allow width and text-align styles (works for IE though, coz IE isn't as strict).

    For 2, yeap, a setCollapsedTitle will be useful - meanwhile, my...
  11. Ah, interesting thread - I've noticed QuickTips disappearing in Ext 2.0 with IE7 as well, but didn't realise that it was because of scrolling!

    Good that it is easy to repro too... just open up any...
  12. Question, is there any method available to center the region title?

    Also, when a region is collapsed, it will be great if there's an option to continue to show the title.
  13. Noticed from the code that splitters can be double clicked to hide.

    However, when trying it with the complex.html layout example, double click has no effect until you collapse/uncollapse the...
  14. To reproduce, in the complex.html layout example, modify the margins option of the 'south' region to '0 10 10 10' (or '0 0 0 0', etc) instead of the original '0 5 5 5'.

    In the browser, just...
  15. Pardon me, probably should have separated the post into two messages.

    For the second part, it has nothing to do with iframes. Just setting an Ext.Window's collapsible to true, and then following...
  16. Suggestion: May be good to add an option to include shimming upon drag start to prevent dragging hiccups when the mouse cursor is moved quickly and goes over an iframe.

    Btw, noticed that when...
  17. Just a quick note to check if this has been implemented... :)
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    Noticed that there's a new layout 'form' which maps to FormLayout.

    Is this intended for creating layouts which host form fields? Any simple examples on how to use it? Thanks.
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    Thanks, didn't realize that we can set ext:qtip as an attribute...
    Noticed that it works even when specifying it in plain html tags, i.e. not just templates.

    Not exactly the right forum to ask......
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    Is there a recommended method for applying tooltips onto grid cells in Ext2.0? Especially for cells with column widths too narrow to display the cell content.
  21. Erm, nevermind - realised there's a getForm() which returns a BasicForm and can do a getValues() thereafter.
  22. Not sure getValues() should be included for FormPanel? Previously inherited from BasicForm I believe.
  23. Yeap, the latest svn code works fine.

    Didn't get round to try passing method:'GET' though... thanks.
  24. Hmmm... you mean:

    element.load("", {method:'GET'}, callback); ?

    Doesn't the method wind up getting parsed into a url encoded parameter for the http transaction? Will...
  25. Noticed that there is a new disableCaching option in which defaults to true.

    When using the Ext.Element.load() method to simply load a html page into an element, this will...
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