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  1. You can also use the pagintoolbar id to apply the changes. Say you create your pagin toolbar like this:

    var mypagingbar = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
    id: 'pagingbarid',
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    Say you want to reset the grid data via a reset button located somewhere on your form, just add this handler to your button:

    handler : function() {
    myGrid =...
  3. Hi Dan, not sure if you're still looking for a solution for this issue. I ran into the same thing today and looked all over the place for help to no avail. Here's what I finally cam up with,...
  4. Another reason why open source software is so great: when the software provider fails to help the community, a community member steps in and fills the void. Thank you brittongr for going out of...
  5. This is so accurate, extjs support to a T (lack of).
  6. First grab the field id:

    slabel = Ext.getCmp('iselector_id');

    The apply the new text, you can use a value or just any text. Say you want to apply the value of another field to this label:...
  7. Scott you aren't the only one who thinks this way, some of the support on this forum is rather rude, just to put it nicely. I am also looking for the same answer (along others), so what I did in the...
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    Simple, first create a renderer for the column model, in my case, I check if the record is read only and I display a message to the user, otherwise display the value of the cell (You can display...
  9. Hi Tumac, I myself have looked all over the place for this as well, and eventually came up with something that addresses my needs, hopefully this will help you. With that being said, I'm sure some...
  10. No need to go all crazy, although some devs here might want you to think this is something really complicated, it is as easy as just adding this to a function or create a button that calls this:...
  11. This worked great. Thanks Condor.
  12. Just include the checkcolumn.js file. You can find it in ext-x.x.x/examples/ux/CheckColumn.js where x.x.x is your ext version. Then just add the line below in your header to include it:
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    Just in case you're still having issues with this (I was too and couldn't find an answer anywhere), this is what worked for me:

    If you have any fields in your form with --> allowBlank: false
  14. I'm not sure if you still need help with this, but this works for me:

    fieldLabel: 'Work Order Status',
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