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  1. Hello,

    I think this will fix issues for other android devices.

    However, I cannot seem to be able to compile the updated sencha files:
    sencha-touch-all.js (etc)

    when I run the app with:
  2. I found that this bug is also plaguing XiaoMi (小米) devices. XiaoMi is one of the largest Android device manufacturer in China. This in turn is affecting huge amount of users.

    I cannot launch the...
  3. I've submitted this to the support ticket. They aware the issue and fixing it. However no dates or whatever news I get from them yet.
  4. This fix didn't work for me, I wonder if I have applied the fix correctly. Do I have to use sencha-touch-all-debug.js and replace the code?
  5. I've been trying to make the code into packages in sencha workspace, including it in different app. It creates different problems, see if I can get it working.
  6. Replies
    You'll need phonegap to resolve this.Add the plugin and use it, it worked very well on my projects:
  7. Hello,

    I've finished one app and published to AppStore. However, I need to publish similar apps with different configs (and look & feels). Most parts of the app will be the same or very similar.
  8. The latest nightly build seems fixed this issue. I'll report if it happens again.
  9. I've already paid the credit to support ticket, but you came back faster than the ticket.

    Also, it's not getting fixed on 2.3.0 b3 . I cannot find any link to get the latest beta, do you know...
  10. Put it in the app.js,

    launch: function() {
    if ( {
    if (Ext.os.version.major >= 7) {
  11. This needs to get fixed asap, the app is totally useless on iOS7. The docked: top / bottom will be kept when the keyboard slide up, makes the visible form unusable.

    I hope this will get fixed and...
  12. I tested with 3 different iPhones, one on iOS7 , the other on 6.1. They all are having the same problem.

    The other thing is that this problem does not happen all the time. You may want to tap on a...
  13. The issue still exists after I put
    clearIcon:false, on every field (textfield/ numberfield). Can anyone shed some light on this? We are targeting to launch on 1st Oct!

    By the way, why I feel...

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.1
    Sencha Touch 2.3 b2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 29
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  15. This needs to be addressed quickly, its killing all apps that uses tabbar.
  16. I have similar issue:

    Check the youtube video. It happens on Device, not the simulator.

    The focus just...

    Here's the video of it. This only happens on the device but not Chrome/Safari.
  18. I have the same problem. It does not happen on android devices. Also the layout within is a vbox.

    It's very annoying as the focus jump will prevent entering a value for a field. I thought its the...
  19. Hi, the column header is the days (Monday to Sunday), the row header is location.

    Basically, it's a Matrix of what day the supplier would deliver products to where.

    The dataview is amazing! I...
  20. The class property worked!
  21. By the way, I want to have a listener to listen to all the checkboxes, it works fine with the following code:

    refs: {
    control: {...
  22. Hi,

    I need to do a matrix checkbox by sencha touch (as the screenshot).

    Currently, I'm doing a bunch of containers with hbox layout (as rows) inside a container with vbox layout.

    The css...
  23. Hi,

    Sorry guys, it seems to be Bancha's issue, nothing to do with Sencha Cmd and the compilation.
  24. What weird is that the data is found in the Ext.getStore().raw but not on .data .

    This only happen in the compiled code. The app before I run "sencha app build testing" worked fine.
  25. It's strange, the app works until I do a 'sencha app build testing' / production / package.

    They all made the localstorage value gone, left only the id property (with the correct id value).

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