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  1. Hi Prasanna,

    me too trying to use the multilevel grouping plugin in 4.2.2. The data is grouped but it does not display the group header rows, making it look as if data is jsut sorted on multiple...
  2. Grid panel is not getting rendered properly if window.location.reload() in IE9
  3. I have written code like this.{
    url: a_config.dataURL,
    scope: me,
    params: w_extraParams,
  4. I am also facing the same issue. I need to show the name of the Y-field in the tooltip,but I get only the value of it.
    Here is my code:
    var lineChart = Ext.create('Ext.chart.Chart', {
  5. same thing happens here...did u get any solution..plz share if you got it
  6. thanks varun it worked.
  7. I have the same issue including chrome and I want to use the viewConfig only..since the function will be called at loading time only and not after that...can any one help me...please??
  8. Still waiting for update
  9. Ext.ux.CheckCombo has exactly the same problem as the Ext.form.field.ComboBox
    when it is used as the editor in the grid...Let me explain the problem.

    1. When I select multiple option then in grid...
  10. Very simple & common requirement still no updates from extjs team?
  11. My requirement is that i need extjs editable multiselect combobox (Multiselect = true) which will list users.
    So drop down will display list of user names Say.Alex,John etc.Names will be part of...
  12. can any one tell me where when and how
    renderTpl array is used in classes like Ext.picker.Date

    1. I asked this because I need to override this class and have my own dom element in the GUI and...
  13. k..i am sure both are quite simple requirements, i expect such behavior out of box.
  14. I am asking this because i have to implement certain functionality which can be switched from normal grid to tree grid & data is too large say around 10,000 to 30,000 items; normal grid supports...
  15. Consider tree grid(Just for example) as in!/example/tree/treegrid.html

    which has local filter(Just for example) as in ...
  16. Scott, when can we expect official word regarding same from extjs?
  17. Required because currently tree store does not support pagination, where as maxmigb supports pagination in tree grid
  18. I need TreeGrid ( version compatible with extjs 4.X, please share same; thanks
  19. Extjs 4.0 compatible extension is available?
    Also have few more doubts..
    is that possible using checkbox selection model?
  20. k...can you share any forum link where it has been discussed or any other thread where i can request such info?
  21. Any workaround or alternative to perform that?
    Also any plans to implement pagination in treestore in coming extjs releases?
  22. Is it possible for tree grid, which is not lazy loaded to fetch records using paging toolbar with store getting loaded from url?
    If yes , please share code/working url for same.
  23. Thanks, yes it stores sort order too but it is stored in browser cookies so if cookies are cleared info will get lost.I am storing such information in DB, is it possible to provide both filtering...
  24. Thanks, what about sorting column & order?
  25. d1984 / Animal,
    can you confirm issue with bug fix?
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