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  1. Thanks.
    It really helps me.
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    Could some one do me a favor?
    I really think it is a problem.
    Please help resolve compatible problem among different browsers.
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    Well, they don't work, either.
    And if I remove autoScroll, the scroll bar will disappear and the bottom will never be seen.
    I also found same problem in Ext 4.0.7-gpl

    Ext.require([ ...
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    Hi Scott,
    I found the reason.
    If I use viewport as the page body, this situation will appear in Chrome.
    Any suggestion?
    You can use the sample below:

    <%@ page language="java"...
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    Maybe there is something wrong in our project.
    I tried it with original ext, there is no such problem.
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    Hi, I use floating panel and need to set its position according to the browser's scrollTop.
    In FF, I can use Ext.getBody().dom.scrollTop or document.documentElement.scrollTop to get this value.
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    Hi, I encounter a problem. When the cursor is in the datetime field, I submit and the defered funcion in onBlur function will take effect after the request is sent.
    Thus, the new value of this field...
  8. In the nested grid, I add listeners

    cellclick : Ext.createDelegate(function(grid , rowIndex, columnIndex, e ){ e.stopPropagation();
    mousedown :...
  9. Dears,
    I used nested grid and encountered a problem.
    When I click the child grid, the parent will fire 'mousedown', too.
    In child grid, I used stopEvent and stopPropagation(). They didn't work....
  10. Waiting for help :s
  11. Thanks for your kindness:)
  12. Maybe it works in ExtJS 4.0 for the grid has 'beforeselect' event.
    But 'beforeselect' event of grid doesn't exist in ExtJS 3.3
  13. 31427
    I saw a good plugin from
    It is great and I used it in my work.
    But when I select record...
  14. Hi, maybe you use colModel before rendering.
    Notice api "The Ext.grid.ColumnModel to use when rendering the grid (required)."
    If you have to use colModel before rendering, you can new an ...
  15. It works, but actually I found that I should override completeEdit of Editor.
    I delete code about cancelEdit there.
    Thanks for you kindness!
  16. Dears,
    cancelEdit of Ext.Editor will reset the start value of component, if validation fails. I want to keep the wrong value and give users alert or sth in some scenarios. But I find no place can...
  17. Bad news!
    It's really a good plungin. Thanks for your information!
  18. Hi Renku,
    If I has bought Ext 3.3, could I use FilterRow.js without the limitation of GPLv3?
    If not, what should I do?
    Only to provide the source code to my customer?
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