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  1. Yeah, no problem. I just hoped to have overseen something. Now I'll hope that it becomes better on the next update :)
  2. Thanks for the video.

    I just dig deeper into the UI property. One thing I've noticed is that not all components provide mixins for specific UIs, e.g. the datepicker. A second thing is the...
  3. Hi,

    we have an own, flat and dark, theme for our application. We want to implement a so-called specific area having an (almost) inverted color style.

    Spontanously I'd create a new theme based...
  4. Thank you so far.

    I just want to emphasise this point. I don't get why sencha is pushing their own build environment into our quick living and very open world. Some companies use ant, some use...
  5. +1 for strict mode. I hope it was not a design decision to abuse the API and not being able to support strict mode at all.
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    +1 for standalone version
  7. Hi,

    I reload tree nodes using Ext.tree.TreeStore.load({ node: ... }). This seems to be buggy when the node was a leaf and suddenly receives children (which might happen).

    In this case...
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    So, is there a final decision here, or at least an official advice? Like "Use Ext.create when you need dynamic loading and new when you don't need it"?
  9. Is there already a (community) solution for this problem?
  10. Hi,

    imagine you want to use ExtJS in an existing project, or use it as framework for some kind of application that may be embedded in customer websites. In both cases the CSS definitions can be...
  11. The bug still occurs in extjs 3.1.
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    is there a way to give each button which is based on an actions an self-defined ID? For example:

    var baseaction = new Ext.Action({
    text: 'test',
    handler: function() {...
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