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  1. Maybe this will help:
  2. Just confirmed that the suggested (almost) possible fix works for
    Sencha Touch v2.3
    Sencha cmd v4.0.0.203

    Instead of adding the image file (Default-568h@2x.png ) to the templates folder under...
  3. I would check that your provisioning profile is loaded with

    - the device that your're installing on, and make sure that you got the UDID correct (careful with iOS apps claiming to reveal UDID....
  4. Hi
    Is it possible to script the generation of the *.js files that Architect generates?
    This would be useful for build systems when you don't want to add the generated files to version control.
  5. Not particularly. But just now, I connected Fiddler to see what was going on. And then it worked...!
    Well well, thanks for replying anyways :)
  6. I am running 2.2.0 build 894, but I am not getting any update prompt... Just saying :)
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