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  1. Hello,

    I have an existing web app which is written in ST2. The app is quite stable. Now we are planning to port the same app to iOS (and Android in future).

    The reason for porting is that we...
  2. <br>I used Sencha CMD 2.0. It came with Sencha SDK tools
  3. I have a mobile application crated using sencha touch. The app skeleton was generated by sencha app generate. So it contains app.json, app.js etc files and folders. But as I have a lot of extra js...
  4. Great. A nice short answer. :(

    Is there any way to set custom property?

    I know a hack though. Using sed some preconfigured class definition can be altered on runtime based on build...
  5. In sencha touch you can build a project in any of the following build configuration

    Is there any class/method/funciton in ST2 that returns the current...
  6. I have set autoLoad to true on store. Store gets loaded but menu is not populated.
  7. No there is not activity on network tab. No new ajax request is sent.
  8. This command does not generate any .jsb file. It builds.
    I am looking for a way to generate .jsb file. My templates (html) are changed over time and I want to compile a .jsb3 out of these...
  9. Either its not loading (as onLoad function on ListMenu is not called) or the loaded data can not be parsed by ListFilter.

    I am using following filter as workaround.

    type: 'list',...
  10. I am using ListFilter plugin to filter results on a Grid panel. The column definition is.

    { header: 'Provider',
    filter: {
    type: 'list',
  11. I have used sencha create jsb -a all.html -p all.jsb3 command to generate my jsb project file dynamically. This used to work when I used Sencha SDK Tools.
    Now I have installed Sencha CMD. But this...
  12. I have asked this same question on with 100 open bounty.
  13. My `app.json` file of a Sencha touch 2 application contain.

    "js": [
    "path": "sdk/sencha-touch.js"
    {"path": "js/mootools-1.2.5-core.js"}, // I...
  14. Thanks Andrea.

    If I am not mistaken I got your answer on too.
  15. The following code shows icon for each tab title.

    Ext.define("MyAPP.view.Main", {
    extend : '',
    config : {
    tabBarPosition : 'bottom', // <---...
  16. Found the problem. I forgot to remove ext-all.css file in a <link> tag.
    Now its working just fine.
  17. To understand the problem see this image.


    See the X button here on "User name" filed. Its out of the text area. My IPad shows same.

    Here is the code I have used to render this,

  18. That worked. I just moved my "buttons" array items to "items" array. Also I had to add xtype: 'button' and margin: '0 5 0 0' for each of the buttons so that they appear nicely.
  19. This image will tell everything I guess.

    See the "WebIM" title there? at the very left side its cut. Its a form Panel which is in a accordion layout panel which is in east region of a...
  20. I have an accordion layout that contains 3 forms. Each of the form contains 3 buttons. I see the buttons are docked at the very bottom of the panel. How can I put it just bellow the form fields. See...
  21. Currently I am just doing this. Passing the complex object to a function and I return the object which is created dynamically inside the function. The only problem I am facing is adding a function...
  22. Currently I am adding treenodes like this,

    var name = "some value ..";
    id : name,
    text : name,
    leaf : "true",
  23. Okay.

    I have fixed it manually. Here are the steps.
    Get original template file. If it has raw php codes in it change it to js compatible. For example. If there is a php code
  24. I have direct access to the code. I tried to feed the template to `sencha`, but it says,

    Error thown from your application with message: TypeError: 'null' is not a constructor

    Do you think...
  25. I want to generate jsb3 files from a url like http://website/home. This url is protected. Only signed in user can see this. People login in http://website/. The control panel (after login the...
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