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  1. Sorry about that. I definitely didn't mean to say that Sencha support is not adequate. I just meant that I can google a jquery or jqueryui related question and get all kinds of resources across the...
  2. I've looked just a bit at and on the surface it seems nearly as powerful as ExtJS. Being such a full featured framework though, I worry about the same performance and memory challenges...
  3. I'm interested in the same. We have struggled with performance and memory usage in ExtJS for years, and are about to embark on a replacement effort. We are eyeing up the following so far:

  4. Just make this change to examples/toolbar/toolbar.js on line 260 and browse in IE and FF. See screenshots below for the difference.

    title: 'Other Bogus Actions x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x...
  5. When the title of a button group exceeds the width of the button group, the title part of the button group nicely truncates the title in FF, but not in IE. Is there a fix for this? Should this be...
  6. As indicated in this forum post:

    the readonly setting on a combobox hides the trigger (by design), but doesn't resize the field...
  7. I pulled down latest from SVN and retested, and the error no longer occurs. However, now I get an error when opening the menu on the next tab after closing the first tab. This only happens if I...
  8. If a closable tab contains a tbar with a menu, and the menu is open, and then the tab is closed, a demo error is thrown. You can reproduce by adding the highlighted code below to the advanced tabs...
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    I downloaded Ext 3.1, and ran jsbuilder2 on the source using the jsb2 file included in the 3.1 download package:

    java.exe -jar jsbuilder2.jar --projectFile "c:\development\js...
  10. 3.1 is out now, and this onready issue is still quite prevalent. What are the plans to address??
  11. Actually, it looks like refs that are multiple levels deep are not working. The following code:

    //var refPanel =

    var vp = new Ext.Viewport({
  12. The defect reported here:

    appears to have been reintroduced in the 3.1.1 beta.
  13. After applying this override, the tabs properly do not defer their render, but resizing operations are now significantly slower. I'm afraid that resize is so much slower that this override is not...
  14. hideMode:offsets did not fix it. But your override did. I will implement and test. Thanks!
  15. Ext version tested:

    Ext 2.2 through 3.1.0

    Adapter used:

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    Were these changes included in 3.1, or will they be in a future release?
  17. Original thread found here:

    I need to nest a panel within a panel as follows:

    var innerPanel = new Ext.Panel({
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    Try this -
  19. Wow, did not know this. I just assumed that anything that can be placed in a toolbar is handled by the overflow. Would have stumbled across this soon, as we are in the process of upgrading our app...
  20. Good to know, thanks Condor.
  21. Thank you both, that is what I thought. Just wanted to make sure I didn't misinterpret.
  22. Should I read "most" of the Ext Core features as not all of the Ext Core features? I had the impression that Ext JS 3.0 included all of the Ext Core 3.0 features. This not the case?
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    Sorry, I was mistaken. Works fine in 3.0, latest SVN. Does appear to be a bug in 2.0 though.
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    I see the same thing. This should probably be moved to the 3.0 Bugs forum.
  25. Evan - I neglected to mention that the SVN version of BufferView.js did not work unless I added a namespace at the top of it:


    Wasn't sure if this is a new bug or...
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