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  1. Code sample will be tricky, I'll try and mockup an example with just the essentials to demonstrate the issue.

    I think the real problem is I'm using a tree grid when I probably should be using a...
  2. I have a treegrid that contains drop downs in each node.

    The drop downs can be changed, which triggers an ajax request that updates the backend.

    The problem is that when you open or close a...
  3. Just in case anyone is looking for copy paste example, this is what I am using, with some success.

    ExtJs pub/sub plugin by Jon Sykes (

    Loosely based on Dojo's Pub/Sub...
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    Am I correct in my reading that there's no OOTB model/data store relationship with the Accordion panel layout.

    I have an accordion that needs to update from numerous rest api calls that will be...
  5. Ah ha !

    That worked once I added Children to the model definition with a type of array. Perfect. Many, many thanks.
  6. I'd still love to know how to parse returned JSON before it gets consumed, where I can bolt my parsing code in.

    But I have a new idea for how to handle my JSON's lack of leaf:true values.

  7. Bump? Any thoughts? I can only assume I'm missing something, it can't be that rare for returned JSON to not have a leaf value that then needs to be added.
  8. As an example my JSON looks like this…

    "children": [
    "primary": "John Smith",
    "children": [
  9. I'm trying to create a treePanel out of a JSON feed I've been given access to. The issue is the feed does not include the leaf:true data so the treePanel looks a touch borked.

    I've not been able...
  10. Yeah, I'm actually doing that right now, hanging it off observable.

    I was just surprised there was nothing baked in. There are 3 or 4 plugins and extensions that look great from 3 or 4 years ago,...
  11. Been poking around the code base, but I don't see anything obvious that fills this need.

    Does 4.x not have an anonymous pub/sub system in place?

    Something akin to dojo's publish/subscribe...
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    … is there somewhere in my store definition that I can apply formatting to the structure before the store gets consumed by the view?

    I figured it might be the reader, but that seems to be much...
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    Bump, I too am curious about this. I have server side code generating the tree JSON, but the root level node doesn't get rendered with

    {"treeRoot": "", "children":[…children...]}

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