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  1. assuimg that "this" refers to your grid (e.g. in the initComponent function of your grid), otherwise just replace "this" with your variable...'beforesave', function () {
  2. And well, my best advise: Don't support IE at all :)
  3. Without giving it much thought, my first idea would be to make proper use of event propagation.
    Instead of attaching a listener to each and every <li>, you could attach just one listener to the...
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    I would like to know which icon set is included in the download. Is it a free one? Are there more mimetypes available?

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    Yes I meant the js path.

    The row editor can be found within the ext distribution, so you should be able to take the correct version of RowEditor. Look at...
  6. { columnWidth: 0.40,
    items: [
    border: true,...
  7. Some more details would be helpful:
    What kind of information shall be displayed (unstructered text, or structured information). Are there regualar updates or are you displaying this information...
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    BTW: that code works perfectly for me. The only things I changed were the <script> tags. You might have a wrong path in there...
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    Please use code tags and a pretty printer, when posting code.

    Your example is quite hard to read...
  10. Eclipse with the SPKET Plugin
  11. What kind of object is the "updater"?

    Ext.Ajax doesn't have a "failure" event! Ext.Ajax.request() accepts "failure" as a parameter in the config options. But this is not an event, so you can't...
  12. You are not trying to assign a "new Ext.form.Textfield" after the definition of formSt ??

    Anyway, this code works perfectly for me:

    var textfieldName = new Ext.form.TextField({
  13. Hi,

    is is working correctly, when you ommit the inner items:

    var formSt = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    id: 'stForm',
    region: 'center',
    labelAlign: 'left',
  14. Hello guys,

    I've been messing around with EditorGrids, JsonStores, Writers and stuff for quite some time now. However I still have the feeling that I have not completely understood how Ext would...
  15. I don't completely get it. Those click events are for the buttons of the Editor?

    Why not extending Ext.Panel or another Component and give it a toolbar?
  16. Are you converting that mess into a Ext-Class (by extending some existing Ext Object) or into a plain Javascript Class?
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    Don't know if this will change anything, but just to make sure. Try to kick of your application in the Ext.onReady function, not on the body load event:

    Ext.onReady(function () {
  18. You can add items with fit layout. Exactly one item to be precise :)

    Look at the docs:
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    well then there is your explanation why your store is empty: You have an exception during load.

    Now be creative :)
    Add an exception handler to your store, get the error message and see what...
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    Hmm, maybe your store fires a load exception...

    Try this, and tell us which events are generated:

    var dataStore = new ...({...});

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    I guess Animal was referring to this point of the documentation:

    So this is the problem:

    var dataStore = new{
    autoLoad: true
  22. I would like to take up the cudgels for ExtJs, and comment on some of the points that have been mentioned in this thread.

    Bad Documentation:
    I heard several people complaing missing and...
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    my question is not 100% EXT related, but maybe someone of you has already encountered a similar situation:

    Im receiving a xml document from the backend. The format is irrelevant, lets...
  24. If this is your first steps with Extjs, you should probably start small: Don't mess around with such a complex layout in the beginning. You could create the form inside a Ext.Window, which will...
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    Don't know if that's the problem, but what is that second record in the array? Maybe its causing problems:

    {"success": true, "checks":
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