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  1. Hi Brice,

    I am building app with sencha touch 2.1 and phonegap 2.2 on window 7 using you tutorial. I am able to build app but android folder is not generating on given path. All command (java,...
  2. Thanks mitchell, Its working.
  3. I am using setData to main(parent) view from controller. how we can set data to child? do we have to set it from controller or view?
  4. See my full code in initial post. I am setting "tpl" to container. The same code is working on main container (code snippet-1) but it is not working in child container. The code is as below.

  5. I am developing demo app using sencha touch 2. I have list screen in which I am downloading data using jsonp and displaying list. Now on click of list row I am opening new details screen with passing...
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