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  1. Is there a quick fix for this?
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    +1. Please provide an override.
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    Any help?
  4. I observed the same thing in Chrome. Really weird...
  5. Same problem. Tried the following code - no errors but doesn't do anything either:,;
  6. gordon881, your use case is very similar to mine ;)
  7. I call store.guaranteeRange first (I know the position of the record). It used to work, I have not tested 4.2 yet...

    Also, I see there is bufferedRenderer now. Do you think if I have a large...
  8. That works. Thanks Animal and dongryphon.
  9. I pass the id back to the server to make sure that record is fetched.

    BTW, as you can see I have a premium member. we'd like to fix this issue asap. Can you point me to the direction how to fix...
  10. Consider you want jump to a record in a grid. The grid has huge number of records but we know the id of the record you want jump to. So we can make sure to get the record from server when prefetch...
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do understand the limitation. In our app, we make sure the record we want find is fetched from the server side in a buffered store. So what is the fix? or when it will be...
  12. This is not fixed in the 4.2.0 release. As long as store is buffered, both find and query fail.
  13. Hope there is a version of DDTabPanel for EXT4 soon.
  14. Is it possible to provide a hint/quick fix here? thanks!
  15. Confirm that I am running this mode and change event fired twice.
  16. I can reproduce this from the sample in original post.

    Or try this!/example/tree/reorder.html

    select app, expand it and collapse it. selection is lost(no...
  17. Thanks, zerkms!

    I just tried store.guaranteeRange and it seems to work. I am still in the process of fully understanding buffered store though...
  18. Anyone find a solution?
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    Wow thanks for the quick reply. My case is a little complicated. The target panel is like a docking pane in eclipse that you can drag a tab to but will be hidden if no tab is docked. So I do some...
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    Thanks for the update. Seems everything works fine except I have to override and comment out a line for the DragSource - otherwise I will get an error sometime when the drop is done - probably...
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    I can second this. Any solutions?
  22. Got a similar problem. I have an editor grid and when I finish editing a cell and click on anywhere else in the screen, the editor lost focus and I got the fn.task undefined. It worked great before...
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    Thanks for sharing your work. I tried and it sort of works. But I notice that when I scroll, very often the group header was repeated, instead of just one for each group? do you have this issue?
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    I know liveGrid doesn't support grouping yet. Any hint on how it can be done? I know I need override GroupingView and GroupingStore. Maybe I should get all possible values for the groupField first?...
  25. nescha, your soluation works great for me. thanks!
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