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    I too am having similar issues.
  2. It a bit of a nasty work-around but what I have done to achieve a similar result is to fetch my data, then slice it into as many pages I need then place add them to the carousel similar to what is...
  3. @Tambien: I can't say whether webservice can or cannot natively return a JSON, if it is a true web-service and not just a data-reader returning a string then I don't see why not, WCF is part...
  4. If you are looking to make a JSON webservice from IIS I would recommend that you have a look at Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) it has all the formatting/end-points and other such stuff that...
  5. The Navigation View has a navigation bar config, you can put your items in there.

    autoDestroy: false,
    navigationBar: {
    items: [
  6. From first glance I would say that your string is not encoded properly I managed to get the result you wanted with:

    var json=Ext.encode('{a:\"\\d{4}\"}');
    var d=Ext.decode(json);

    I was...
  7. You can use the XTemplate logic in the itemTpl by just adding something like:

    <tpl if="myValue == \'Foo\'">Bar</tpl>

    Hope it helps!
  8. Is there a way of dynamically populating associated data?

    I have managed to populate the store manually as follows:

    var myDay = Ext.create('App.model.CalendarHourTimeSlot',{
  9. Thanks for getting back to me, I've managed to get the list displaying as I want it using some CSS smoke and mirrors.

    Thanks again
  10. Is there a way of adding selectable child items to lists? I've posted previously about the calendar app I'm trying to create using Sencha Touch and the restrictions I'm finding with the list...
  11. Hi! Are you using Google Chrome by any chance? I had the same issue and it seems to be a security feature of the browser itself. Switching to Safari help for me.
  12. I know this issue is closed but I'm left wondering does this mean the tpl config is being removed?

    I'm currently working on a calendar view which I would like to have 6 rows of 7 days but using...
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