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  1. This sounds like an iOS issue but I've not heard of a workaround. My first thought is to use History and Routes with local storage to maintain state and have the launch function restore the last...
  2. My assumption is that you would use the same handler for the buttons. If you remove them you need to rebind the handlers. Removing them also changes the order when you add them back in. Create them...
  3. Sencha Touch won't do this directly, but it will help you.

    Assuming you have a simple application that needs CRUD, see the docs. This Sencha Touch class will help with the...
  4. For a large app I recommend a single toolbar on the parent. Place the desired buttons into the toolbar in a hidden state along with your logo. In the active listener on each card you can do...
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    Ext.apply(this, map) is one possibility. Depends on the rest of your code really. But the point is that if you use an xtype, it's just a config object until it gets initialized. For example, in a...
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    Call form.submit() in your Next button handler. Then in your submit listener, load the next view. Assuming your form is part of a panel with a card layout something like should...
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    You need to apply the xtype configuration before you can use it's methods.
  8. From the output of / generate model it looks like the template is parsed wrong to include the quotes. In fact, it almost looks like what I would expect an XTemplate to look like if there was...
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    I really like how clean your implantation is in the example. I've been using the same pattern in a MVC app but let the parent do all the clean up through the cardswitch event. Based on your example...
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    This likely would be better as a plugin to Ext.form.Field to start accepting a pattern: option. However, quick and dirty, here is an alternative Number field that will force the numeric keypad on...
  11. Confirming this problem still exists in the 1.1.0 release as seen in the demo and code below.
  12. This doesn't seem to be working still. I'm able to use the to generate the initial application skeleton but then cannot correctly generate various application parts. Tested on OS X.

  13. I discovered that example worked shortly after I posted. :) From the firefox code, it looks like it expects a type="text" element inside of a <form> node. My code which does not show the "add a...
  14. I've noticed with ExtJS apps that the Firefox feature "Add a keyword for this search..." option is not available when right clicking on an Ext Textfield.

    Does anyone know what triggers this...
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    I see both Sencha Touch and ExtJS 4 PR3 have support to detect the HTML history API support. Is there any plan to support this using Ext.util.History as a fallback method to the current #! bang...
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    So what's the deal with phpStorm vs WebStorm? Based on the feature pages alone, it looks like WebStorm has weaker PHP support than phpStorm and that phpStorm has weaker support for JavaScript, CSS,...
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    Many years ago I was working with a site that always dropped the http(s) component of the URL to automatically handle https vs http. At the time Firefox and IE handled it. Chrome didn't exist :)
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    Consider using WURFL ( to handle detection on the server. Setup your default page to handle the detection and then redirect the client to the appropriate site for...
  19. Simple test case using Sencha Touch 1.0.1a. This also shows up in the online demo.

    glossOnIcon: false,
    onReady: function() {

    var form = new Ext.form.FormPanel({...
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    Has anyone built the this on Linux using JSBuilder2? I tried to build it and received the following:

    java -jar JSBuilder2.jar --projectFile cherryonext-read-only/cherryonext.jsb --homeDir...
  21. Has complete testing been done with ExtJS 3.3.1? I plan to download it and try it out but I'm not sure how extensively it has already been tested.
  22. In several of the examples I see proxy: and reader: config objects are defined by a type: attribute. I have yet to find any documentation for the type: attribute values though. These appear to be...
  23. Good to know. Was this also on an iPhone4? I can confirm I narrowed this down to about 150 items as well. At 100 items it is flawless.
  24. With 100 items in the grouped list performance is fine. With 400 items a delay is seen after my finder is lifed and before momentum scrolling kicks in.
  25. I should mention that this was a grouped alpha list with just shy of 800 items in it. The kitchen sink grouped list example does not exhibit the same issue.

    Could this be related to the number of...
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