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  1. Thank you skirtle! I've modified my JSON file and haven't updated my Model. Maybe that's why I'm unable to use get. I'll try it. How would you suggest if I'll use something like Struts2 to output...
  2. Thank you very very very much, skirtle! I moved init part in constructor into load(), it works fine! I should have figured it out earlier. Thank you so much! By the way, would you please show me...
  3. What did firebug say?
  4. Thank you, skirtle!

    I set async:false in my store definition, nothing changed. How am I able to know the load is done?
    I created a new store in constructor() and put load in init(), or even put...
  5. Did you have Firebug? By using Net-->JavaScript, you could see how much time each step takes. It might help you find where the issue is.
  6. Any clue would be appreciated, please.
  7. Try to learn new OO like framework of Extjs4, and you don't really need any docs.
  8. Is it impossible to get value outside of load()?
  9. Thank you very much, vallesquino!

    I've tried and the same thing happens. I think it means the scope: me is default.

    Any way, thanks a lot.

    If(records.raw.yourfieldname === yourfieldvalue){
  11. Hi, everybody!

    Would you please take a look my attachment file?

    In the init function, I'd like to get modulesName after load JSON file. The problem is that I'm only able to get the value inside...
  12. by the way, even if you deleted the status bar, formpanel still tried to get all fields in it.
  13. I hope you've already got your answer. You know, I've been struggling to solve the same problem recently. When I did it and I'm trying to search a better solution in this forum. Please, everybody,...
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    I supposed to renderTo your Tab to an dom.element.
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