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  1. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info.
  2. Understandable but then is there a way to change the mouseover so that the icon is red instead of green? Otherwise it looks like you can drag it there but then nothing happens because you've stopped...
  3. Here is my setup. I have three grids A, B and C. I want to setup the following relationship.

    Drag Records from A to B
    Drag Records from B to A
    Drag Records from B to C
    Drag Records from C to B...
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    Sweet, thanks!
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    In the PR1 blog entry, Don mentioned this:

    Does this mean that we can now have a layout like this without using nested border layouts:

    [ | | ]
    [ | | ]...
  6. Perfect! Thanks for your quick response.
  7. Any hints on what the fix is for this until 4.1 is released? Maybe an override we can use temporarily?

  8. I am still able to replicate this bug using Ext 4.0.7 and Firefox 7.0.1

  9. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Works great in 4.0.7
  10. Really the root of the problem is that the users have been trained that a checkbox means you can select a row and not having a checkbox means you can't. I think making it a radio would confuse...
  11. I agree, now if I could just convince the decision makers. :((
  12. Thanks for your quick response. I actually need the reverse so I guess I will just have to override and comment out the setSelectionMode() part. I was hoping to avoid another override.

  13. Hi All,

    I wasn't sure if this was a bug but the functionality doesn't make sense to me. I have a normal CheckboxModel with mode = 'MULTI' and a normal Ext.grid.Panel. I noticed that in the code,...
  14. Hi guys/gals,

    Maybe I'm crazy here but I ran into a weird issue recently. Here's the scenario: I have four new records (A, B, C and D) that I am adding to a Store in batch mode. I call store.add()...
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    But is it just an RSS feed of every single post in every category or is there some way to break it down?
  16. Thanks for the tip. In this case, I am not overriding it so I will just strip it out. Glad there is also now an easier way to get to the parent class.

    Any ideas about how I can change the tpl...
  17. Here is an example of how I would extend a combobox in ExtJS 3.x. (It seems to work for me so I will assume that I did it correctly. :-) )

    * FC.Field.NoteFileCombo Extension Class...
  18. Are you looking for addSorted()?
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    I've never used this myself but it looks like this could do it for you.

    You could just pass that into the options...
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    Is this what you're looking for?
  21. I am suddenly very glad that we did a big push to make our apps cross-browser compatible. :-) Thanks Stever!
  22. Darn commas. Easy solution to the problem I was facing. Thanks for the idea.
  23. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3.0

    Adapter used:

  24. It adds "character" to the screencast. :D

    You should start doing live screencasts about different topics. I'd donate for that cause. :)

    Seriously though, as good as the API doc's are for...
  25. Excellent Screencast. Right when I was starting to get fed up with managing various levels of ref's too. Now I have some good alternatives. :-)
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