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  1. Yes, you must reference ExtSharp.dll.

    In your first post you said you were referencing ExtJSApi.dll, which you do not need.
  2. I''m not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Here is the Complex Layout example written in c#.

    HTML Code:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0...
  3. You do not need this dll. It is just left over junk from the old Ext v1.1 sample I made. What do you mean you cannot use Ext.Menu, etc... ?
  4. Shutdown Visual Studio and edit the PageScripts.csproj file in notepad. You'll need to add/edit the following:

  5. The new classes are generated but not included in the ExtSharp project. In Solution Explorer, click on the icon to show all files, then right-click on GridDragZone.cs and choose Include in Project....
  6. Updated to support ExtJS 2.1.
  7. Is the TextField in a form? I use the following code which works:

    Field name = _form.getForm().findField("Name");

    where _form is...
  8. Which version of Ext# are you using? try upgrading to the latest version.
  9. Have you tried: _companyGrid.getView().getRow(i).Style.Backgroundcolor = "green";
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    Another feather in ExtJS's cap.

    Seem to be a fair amount of Ext widgets used from looking at the screenshots.
  11. OK, the difference is that you are listening to the click event on a Ext.Element object and not a Ext.Button object. The ButtonClickDelegate signature is is used when the click event is fired by an...
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    Sorry to bump an old thread but I was looking for the answer to this same question and didnt find it in the forums. Then I managed to figure it out, so I thought it would be nice to post the answer...
  13. I am experiencing this exact same problem. I came across this when trying to load a Record into a form. The data does not load into any inactive tabs in the form when deferredRender is true. The data...
  14. Script# compiles all script code within a project into a single js file. You can create seperate projects for page specific scripts so you don't have to load the whole thing for every page. For...
  15. See
  16. I've never coded a ViewPort directly so I don't have any sample code to show you, but if you show me the javascript needed to use a ViewPort I could show you how to accomplish the same thing using...
  17. The code for the sample Products app can be found here but that code is based on ExtJS v1.1.1. I have not found time to update the app to ExtJS v2.0 but have been doing the samples instead.
  18. Just from looking at the ExtJS docs, the signature for a button click event is func(Button this, EventObject e) which is how it is specified in the ExtSharp library. I'll take a look at the actual...
  19. Sorry for the bad package. I've updated it with everything working correctly out of the box. Go grab v2.0.1
  20. The following code will create a read-only TextField that you can place in a form.

    TextField name = new TextField(new TextFieldConfig()
  21. Do you have Script# v0.4.2 installed on your PC? That may be the problem.
  22. I've updated the parser to parse Ext 2.0 final. I also bundled up the parser and the samples we created. Grab them from the GoogleCode project page.
  23. I actually emailed Jack asking him this same question a couple months ago, before I wrote the ExtSharp parser. I tried using that file as my initial source of documentation but it didn't work out...
  24. We have to add them manually since the parser only can parse the documented classes, methods, etc. So anything that is left out because its not documented has to be added manually. The parser picks...
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    Thanks so much for this post. You probably saved me a day of trying to figure out how to integrate TinyMCE into my Ext app.
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