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  1. I posted this here because there are many posts complaining that other members are a little 'harsh'. Obviously there are two sides to the argument as pointed out in the blog post. All in all everyone...
  2. Wanted to share a good article related to open source development and the shades of people you might interact with...

  3. doDecode should never be called if you are just passing back HTML. I would venture to say there is something else going on (probably with your own code) that is causing the issue. Would be beneficial...
  4. I see a made a comment about this a while ago and noticed I did mis-read the question. Visual Studio 2008/2010 should have Intelisense built in but the documentation won't show up without some work....
  5. At SenchaCon today they announced that ARIA & RTL are confirmed for ExtJS 4.
  6. I'd be down for a German beer!

    Being from Florida I would say it has a few decent finding them in Orlando might be a different story.

    Sounds like we should meet up at the bar...
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    Jamie - Is this thread going to be updated as each release comes out? Or would the change log be a better place for that?
  8. Thanks for the additional comments durlabh. I noticed this as well after I posted the report but forgot to actually add it back in. I've updated the first post.
  9. /**
    * Determine whether this object has a request outstanding.
    * @param {Number} transactionId (Optional) defaults to the last transaction
    * @return {Boolean} True if there is an...
  10. Seems there are a couple things missing from the data connection core re-write...highlighted them in red.

    // private
    onComplete : function(r) {
    var status = r.xhr.status,
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    I would have figured that people would have caught on before the name change. Having David Kaneda being the creator of JQTouch and him working for Ext made it pretty obvious that some sort of mobile...
  12. I've skimmed through this thread and haven't seen this pointed out but I would offer that this should only be used in a development environment. In anything that is production all individual scripts...
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    Basically what I am doing is similar to the carousel in function. Because of this I am using an Ext.util.Scroller since it handles the swiping left to right and right to left for the carousel.
  14. I believe they are suppose to be commas correct? and which one is correct the 0 or the no?
  15. I like. Def better than individual checks.

    Tommy, any idea about the user-scalable = 0|no? Is it a requirement to have both? Like does 0 only work on iPhone|iPad and no works on Android or...
  16. I've made comments in red where needed...

    Ext.setup = function(config) {
    if (Ext.isObject(config)) {
    var appendString ='',
    viewport =...
  17. Just out of curiosity when you define a model field will you be able to set the default or does it just make one up based on the field's type? I would go and look for myself but as you just commented...
  18. I'm sorry am not tracking what you say...

    I think it is good design that your back end data structure should remain consistent whether you are display it on a desktop browser or mobile browser....
  19. Using this example...

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  20. These are the other ones...

    //backwards compatibility =;

    //[deprecated 5.0]

    //Backwards compat =...
  21. Oh for sure. I think there should be HUGE similarities between the two. I just don't think there should be backward compatibility all over the place if there wasn't a previous version to be backward...
  22. // Backwards compatibility with desktop
    Ext.CompositeElementLite = Ext.CompositeElement;

    It's a mobile platform...who cares about the desktop! ;)
  23. /**
    * @cfg {String/Number} activeItem
    * A string component id or the numeric index of the component that should be initially activated within the
    * container's layout on render. ...
  24. Since we are in beta 3 (I believe) and this is a new framework with notes saying that things might change...should we already be seeing this?

    // Backwards compatibility (DEPRECATED)...
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    I doubt there would be any circular references in the Touch framework. Just don't want to see it fall to the same mistakes.
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