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  1. Hello all,

    Trying to open Sencha Architect in Windows, but to no avail.

    Watching the task manager, I noticed the process opens for less than a second before terminating.

    Tried to go into the...
  2. Hi nxs,

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately Ext Designer v1 has this issue... it won't be fixed, as Sencha Architect has become the new norm.

    Can you re-import the view files...
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    Bug 6051 may still be there too.
  4. Hello everybody,

    I've come across a rather interesting bug (or perhaps my approach is incorrect).

    I have added a new property to one of my grid panels, with a type 'array'. The property is...
  5. Sure thing, probably a more appropriate place for it anyway.
    My mistake, sorry!
  6. Hello Sencha,

    I use Ext Designer daily (latest version) and I find that it regularly crashes. This, I believe, is due to the size of my project file (around 1.7mb).

    It wouldn't be so bad, but...
  7. As there are no further replies, I'm closing this thread and marking my previous post as the best answer.
    It has been working for me so far.
  8. Here's one method I found on a blog post (slightly modified to get around a bug when loading "direct" stores...

  9. Hello ExtJS community,

    I'm sure this has been answered countless times before, but since I couldn't find it whilst searching, I figured I'd ask it here.

    Let me clarify, my app works just fine....
  10. Had all our PHP code under source control, but always assumed that the XDS was a binary file.

    It is now though :)
  11. Top this one...

    Just now, I was saving my project when Ext Designer decided to crash... but it didn't corrupt the XDS, no... instead, I now have a 0kb XDS file.

    And to top it off, our backup...
  12. Hi Mitchell,

    I am actually using code based on the KitchenSink app, but I managed to get the scrolling working.

    For those that may be suffering a similar problem, here's my solution.
    I had a...
  13. Well, it definitely has fullscreen: true set (the top element and even the child elements where applicable).

    Any other thoughts?
  14. Thanks Mitchell.

    I'm going to try that soon and see if it works, I'll be in touch soon.
  15. Hello Sencha Community,

    One of our Sencha Touch applications (Sencha Touch 2.0.0pr1) has an issue where multiple tabs are being added to a tab panel.

    The tab panel is being loaded into a parent...
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