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  1. Many thanks Makana.
  2. Hello Makana,

    Thanks for your fast response. I was so busy with something else and honestly I've forgotten about checking the thread!
    Anyway, I've had changed the structure a little bit and made...
  3. I'm new to Adobe Air, so the question might be obvious, but I couldn't get to work for days of struggling with it.
    I'm trying to build an application with air which has the embedded required...
  4. Yes, I've tried Ajax-loading at first, but what about using it inside Ext.Air Application? As far as I've googled about it I can not use eval() within Air.
  5. Hello Animal,
    Thank you for your comment.

    I've done some working and here it is:

    createWindow: function(config) {
  6. Hello Guys,

    First of all, I should say I'm very well familiar with using Ext as basic as :

    // Do something here

    and have started to playing around with OO...
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