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  1. How is this still not fixed after a year? That's just insane.
  2. Upgrading to yielded same results. Which isn't surprising, since nothing related was changed. :)I probably won't find the time to post a fiddle any time soon though.
  3. I'll see if I can find the time to whip together a fiddle tomorrow.
    Will update to the current nightly tomorrow and report back here.

    From a glance at the API Doc source it seems like 5.1.0 did...
  4. Given a Proxy with batchActions set to false, ProxyStore.sync unjoins all currently removed records when the first operation succeeds, even records which have pending or failed operations.

    This is...


    Maybe I'm dumb, but this doesn't quite look right to me.
  6. Hello,
    there seems to be a bug in

    addLegacyHasMany: function (entityType, assoc) {
    // SNIP
    if (target && target.cls) {
  7. Maybe it's just me, but with the provided solutions the text seems to be position a little bit to low in the field. Using this in all.scss:

    .x-chrome .x-form-text.x-form-focus { display: inherit;...
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    Most of the people here didn't complain that Sencha wasn't worth the price, just that the licensing punishes single devs, especially those who have been with ExtJS for a long time. For the community...
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    I wouldn't hold my breath, that was probably the greatest non-answer outside of politics I've ever heard. And kinda childish too, with the passive-agressive subtext in the last paragraph.

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    I'm also not a huge fan of the whole inheritance dependent on component hierarchy thingy. Seems like a recipe for side-effects if you're not extremely careful at which point in the hierarchy a...
  11. Yeah, would be great if this was reproducable and fixed for good. Never feels quite right to override framework behaviour and hope nothing else breaks. For what it's worth I have the override in...
  12. Maybe I should have been more specific about my override: It fixes the problem for me. :)
  13. Got the same problem in context with Grids and changing columns dynamically, but can't quite pinpoint root cause, since it appears to happen randomly.

    A culprit (not necessarily THE culprit)...
  14. Got kinda the same problem, although I suspect it doesn't even have anything to do with custom themes, since in my case Cmd also throws warnings around like a madman when targetting...
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    Amazing how they still can't wrap their thick heads around proper licensing practices after all those years of licensing dick moves and community backlash. Just roll access to minor releases and...
  16. Oh well, should have searched properly. Sorry about that. No hard feelings? :">
  17. Hello,
    I'm currently playing around with Architect and JSDuck for their respective purposes and was kind of saddened that it doesn't play nice with Architect, since it doesn't quite generate the...
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    I hate to necro old threads, but it seems this issue still has not been resolved. If it's by design a short explanation wouldn't hurt either.
  19. I ran into a problem with regards to trackResetOnLoad. Fixed it this way:

    setValue (Line 1308)

    if ((skipLoad !== true) && (unknownValues.length > 0) && (me.queryMode === 'remote')) {
  20. Is there a way to force JSDuck to include classes even if there is no java doc style comment sitting on top, like say, in files generated by Sencha Architect?
  21. Ignore the menu thing, didn't know about menuText and used this in combination with an override.

    Ext.define("Ext.override.grid.column.Column", {
    override: "Ext.grid.column.Column",
  22. I adjusted the handleColumnSortChange function a little bit, so it also updates the text of the last column you sorted by.

    handleColumnSortChange: function(headerContainer, column, direction)...
  23. Okay I narrowed it down to my poor understanding of how to override.

    Ext.define('Leos.view.override.QM.Grid', {
    requires: [
    }, function() {
  24. Hello!
    I've run into a problem where, when creating a new instance of a GridPanel, this new instance seems to be initialized with the state of the last instance of the same type. I don't know if...
  25. Same thing happens for viewConfig and defaults. Also fieldLabels are randomly vanishing and TextFields are duplicated in EditorGrids and CompositeFields if you (re-)open your project. As it stands,...
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