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  1. From the kitchen sink examples:

    Using a Chrome browser: also shows the issue, but, on the very same chrome browser...
  2. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but is there a way to find out if this is on a list of bugs to be fixed in the next release?

    Does someone have to open a support case using credits to...
  3. Hi,

    I have a screen in one of our products where this is a real usability concern. Is there any ETA on when the fix will be available?
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    Perhaps I can add a little detail to this related to what I need...

    Specifically for iOS, according to our current research, there is only one way to launch an iOS app from another iOS app. ...
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    Yeah, still interested here too. We're in need of the functionality for a release we have planned for this summer.
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    I too need this functionality for Sencha Touch 2.0
    I need to package the app as a native app
    I need to launch an external application

    Only way I know of is to use openURL:
    Not adverse to...
  7. Hello,

    I am looking for guidance on what types of things I would consider using CSS/SASS/Compass for versus what types of things I would consider using Profiles and specific device information...
  8. OK, got it. Thanks!

    I tried the item ID and it worked just fine.

    appreciate the help.
  9. Let me start by saying I now completely understand the code side of the story. The explanation from aconran was quite helpful. Thanks also to Phil for the additional comment. As that ID is not...
  10. First, I'm new to this forum. If I'm not supposed to reply to closed threads, please scold me but do so lightly. I learn quickly and try not to do the same thing wrong twice :-)

    I have noticed...
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    Would be nice to have the ability to choose the theme. I really dislike the snow theme. Something as simple as a choice between light or dark might be nice. Some, like Visual studio have a huge...
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