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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
  2. first, apologize if this question was asked and addressed, but what I can do when the forum search function is disabled??

    Question: set color of pieChart series based on value like using a...
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    you are not alone. I have similar issues last couple weeks. (on ie8)

    interesting, i just switched to SeaMonkey from a linux server. it is fast. i mean the time opening link and rendering the page....
  4. thanks, I know I can use renderer to change the final output. here, I am not asking for help but report this inconsistent alighment as a UI bug.

    can anyone from sencha take a look?
  5. formatted report in template, please someone take a look?
  6. observe similar overall performance issue in IE8 (version: 8.0.6001.18702CO)

    loading theme sample page takes more than 30 seconds. running very very...
  7. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.0

    Adapter used:
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    btw, my sample Tree panel's checkbox column (from Ext.selection.CheckboxModel) has a little alignment issue. the "select all" checkbox in header is aligned in "center", however all the following...
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    I've tried both "checked" property on tree node and selModel (Ext.selection.CheckboxModel) on Ext.tree.Panel. Notice that some behavior differences between them. Wondering, if anyone has already done...
  10. thanks. this is a good alternative to solve the problem. does look like simpler than chaining the loading. will try it out.
  11. good to know. appreciate if you can point out what is the difference.

    btw, is there any article talking about extjs4's backwards compatibility? quickly went through the product page, didn't see...
  12. not a big fan of override a commercial framework (one of the reasons why we pay for extjs)

    is there an ETA to fix this bug? really annoying, such a basic form widget
  13. I have exactly same issue with IE8 extjs ver.3.2. in my application. however the extjs examples don't have this issue with IE8. I tried to remove all other customized css but extjs-all.css. still...
  14. why you say it is not a bug? according to DataProxy API document, when the response is valid, the type should be 'remote' not 'response'. and the response argument should be a Ext.Response object,...
  15. use documented "hideBorders" can replicate the same issue in IE 8.
  16. thanks for advise. as you said, still have to deal with async problem(javascript code) if choose this approach. and as a java developer, i managed to not manually write one single javascript code but...
  17. hmm, interesting. I am looking for a dependency controller which can handle one component depending on multiple stores. maybe i can implement a similar one.

    I understand the benefit of...
  18. put it simple, combo box's store has to be loaded before loading value via form.load method. otherwise, set value on a combo box without pre-loaded store will fail.

    thanks for reply anyway
  19. did you reply to a wrong thread?
  20. hi folks,

    ext js store loading is asynchronous which is nice when performance is critical. however, lack of option to turn this behavior off is quite annoying when dealing with form.

    my use...
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