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  1. set the value to undefined
  2. I think this is a Sencha Architect issue, not ExtJS.

    If I enter this in javascript:
    glyph: 0xee00,
    then it works fine. The problem is Sencha Architect does not recognize 0xee00 as a...
  3. Most Icon fonts are published with the values displayed as hexadecimal.
    Sencha Architect only allows decimal values to be entered.

    How can I force it to accept hex values like 0xee00?

  4. phani.guthas answer confirms the manual operation, but I want automatic, operation via bindingka-reons answer works, but it means I cant do local filtering as remoteFilter is set to true.Seems to be...
  5. It has already been noted in another thread, ( ) that binding to extraParams does not trigger a store load. But extraParams is really for permanent...
  6. In ExtJS3.4 we used the Ext.OnReady to kick off an ajax call, which returned all the localization data, and other stuff, before initializing the ViewPort. In Sencha Architect 3.2 there is a 'launch'...
  7. I am using a ViewModel to hold text strings for components in a View (as recommended). When I open the View in design mode, I do not see any text on the View. I do see the text at run-time, so the...
  8. I created a textbox on a form, and used the bind feature to set the emptyText field to a ViewModel data item. It works fine for the text field, but the emptyText field causes the Architect problems....
  9. The widget

    Ext.picker.Color does not appear In the toolbox.

    Is this a deliberate omission or an oversight?

    If it is deliberate, what is the recommended way to use this item?
  10. Thanks, no I didn't know about it, but I tried it and it did not make much difference.
  11. This is not an answer to your question, but for what its worth this is our implementation of i18n style translations.
    1. All text fields to be translated are prefixed in Architect with _. EG: '_My...
  12. Hi,

    Clicking the 'Run build target' in Architect 3.2 can take a long time. We have set the build to split-build the app.js and framework.js. is there any way to disable the framework.js part...
  13. Hi,

    Clicking the 'Run build target' in Architect 3.2 can take a long time. We have set the build to split-build the app.js and framework.js. is there any way to disable the framework.js part...
  14. Replies

    when creating an Architect project there is a path in the
    Project Settings/Framework, 'Complete or Custom Path'. This path is saved in the .xds file.
    We check the project files into our...
  15. Posting to the Bug Forum

    Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2.1 rev 27
    Operating System:

    Windows 7
  16. I have found the workaround for this. if I set activeItem and activeTab to the same index number, then that tab is displayed. is this a know bug in 1.2.1?
  17. I created a simple project with a Tab Panel as the main object. This by default has Tabs 1/2/3.
    I saved the project with no other changes, then reopened the project in Ext Designer. Now I cannot...
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3.1____ rev ____

    css used:

    only default ext-all.css

    Browser versions tested against:
  19. Replies
    Thanks for your replies. In case you think I am being very negative, I will say I appreciate Ext JS and the improvements in 4.x are good. I also do understand the compexity of projects like this...
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    That is a very weak cop-out. Are you really saying every project out there is not convertable? We have a lot of projects in our application from simple forms to more complex ones. Even a partial...
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    Ouch. It doesnt upgrade a Ext 3.x project to Ext 4.x?

    What are you guys thinking.

    So yes, I guess I do mean Ext 3.x. Not that it is much use to me now.
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    Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2beta
    Operating System:

    WinXP Pro

    Ext JS 4.x
  23. I have an application which has a top-level TabPanel container. It contains another Panel, which contains some fields.If I put a 'defaults' object in the TabPanel (EG: {labelWidth: 200}), but the...
  24. Hi,

    I have an application built in Ext Designer. The labelWidth on the fields is set to the default 100 in the designer, but I need to change it at load time based on the Language selected....
  25. When Ext Designer exports the project, the file project.ui.js is overwritten. Any text strings entered in the Designer are kept in this file. We use a localization method of wrapping strings in a...
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