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    Hi ,

    am trying to upload images using using the following code.

    function uploadFile(mediaFile) {
    var ft = new FileTransfer(), path = mediaFile.fullPath, name =;
  2. Hi,

    How to enable a scrollbar for textarea field which is in formpanel. without mentioning any attribute am getting scrollbar in desktop browser.but in IPAD,scrollbar is not coming. Pls let me...
  3. Hi,

    I have a textfield in formpanel. textfield is along with helper button.when the user enters value in the textfield and click on the helper button,popup panel opens with searchfield and a list...
  4. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Could you pls tell me how to defer the loadmask event? because confimation box is getting closed only after all the statments are executed in the callback functtion?

  5. Hi,

    I need to show progress bar when the button is clicked. For that i thought of using loadmask.loadmaskworks perfectly in normal condition. but when i use this after confirmation popup , load...
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    am currently working on a iPAD business application with sencha touch.would like to know whihc font is suitable for business applications on iPAD? I have heard that whtever font we use , in...
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    Can anyone help me resolve this. why the itemtap event is not getting the correct selected index value when we change the tpl dynamically.. pls help...
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    I am facing an issue with dataview in which tpl is getting added dynamically. am able to successfully change the tpl dynamically. But after changing the tpl , in the 'item tap' event, index...
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    i am using picker field in form panel. can anyone pls help how the selected value in the picker can be assigned to text box? if i create a pickerfield with {xtype:'pickerfield'} as similar to...
  10. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Yeah..i tried retriving values from Model but no luck. i tried Modelname.get("fieldname") but it throws error. using sench 1.0.

  11. Hi flanders,

    Thanks a lot...

    but i want to assign the user name in the home page only.... but i get the user details in login page.if i understand correctly loginDetails/model is loaded in...
  12. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks a lot for your response.

    I have a login page and after submitting button i call a webservice to authenticate the user and get the user details in return. after login...
  13. Hi,

    am new to sencha touch development.

    would like to know how logged-in user id can be stroed in session/global variable/model in sencha/EXt JS? am working on the authorization module where...
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