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  1. Thanks.

    I had anyway solved the problem myself (actually I still have to give it a try on Android)

    Finger crossed
  2. At the moment, given this

    toggleNav : function(){
    var me = this,
    mainEl = me.getRightContainer().element,
    navEl = me.getRecordList().element;
  3. @swarnendude

    Nice plugin!

    Problem is that even with this one it doesn't work when deployed on the mobile, plugged into my project (of course it's working standalone)

    Do you think you can...
  4. Nothing to do.

    Same problem.

    Perfect in the browser... not moving on the mobile...........
  5. I was using alert to identify where the flow stops.
    I moved to this

    in order to see the values inside the main and menu vars. but problem is that the output doesn't come...
  6. I'll have!

    Even if it looks like what I've done. That it's working as a standalone plugin.
  7. by 'author' you mean the author of the plugin? >
  8. Hi All,

    As a branch of the following

    I have created the following plugin
  9. Hi,

    I am having the same exact problem and I have to go live by the end of Jen.

    Is there a temporary solution?

    When ST2.1.1 is going to be released otherwise?
  10. yes sure! thanks!
  11. yes, both!
  12. I will give it a try!

    In the meantime I've found this quick and dirty solution:

    Ext.define("WasteCollection.view.Main", {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'MainTabPanel',
  13. Thanks... but how can we change this with css in order to make it behaving like the docked bottom?!
  14. How can I now change the items to icon + label ?!

    items: [ { xtype: 'panel', html: 'This is an item' } ]
  15. mmmmm I do not get what you mean...

    I am now here... almost there:

    var tabbar = Ext.create('',
    items: [
  16. I am here...!/api/
  17. Any clue/high level explanation on the scss side?!
  18. I do not get it...

    The tab bar is an element used within the context. How can you have it as a standalone component?

    Ext.define("Project.view.Main", {
  19. Can you provide guidelines on how to achieve this?! I really need this for a client project.
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