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    Hi Colin,

    Thanks. I was thinking about using the Blur event instead.
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    Is there a way to cancel the focus event? Is seems the OnFocus event is fired AFTER the field is focused. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to check some conditions prior to the field being...
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    I'm using BufferView in my grid, but when I have a large list (e.g. 500), some records are not rendered correctly (some with missing images, cell values, etc.) when I scroll back and forth...
  4. Yeah, I saw this in one of the previous posts. I can get the focus to the dialog using
    setFocusWidget(null) but I need it to focus on the button. I'll wait for the update. Thanks!
  5. I'm using 3.0.1. I can see from the release notes that this has been fixed in 3.0.3. I was just wondering if there is a workaround for 3.0.1
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    Is there a workaround for version 3.0.1?
  7. I'm still having this issue. On load, none of the buttons are focused. I need to press TAB for the focus to go to the first button. Have you tried focusing on one of the buttons on load?
  8. My issue now is about the field being resized and is no longer about the error message not being displayed. Is this still relevant to this post?

    Do you need the code and ui binding file I used...
  9. Hi Colin, you are right. Perhaps this is a GWT issue after all.

    The error message not displaying in our app may be something specific to our application. We are mixing GXT 2.x and GXT 3...
  10. I have tried running the application in isolation and found that the error is now being rendered but the field is broken after I focus in and out of the field after the error.

    I have deployed it...
  11. This is a stripped down version of the code in question. I just extracted these from the code base. I have not run it in isolation.

    Java file:

    public class InvoiceFieldView implements...
  12. Hi Colin, I just tried it again on the 3.0.1 examples and it is working fine. I'm still puzzled why I'm having this issue.

    I'm using the UI binder approach, without any customisation. I noticed...
  13. Has this been resolved? I'm getting a similar error. Instead of a stacktrace, I get an error icon beside the field (which i'm expecting) but no error message is display.

    I tried overridding ...
  14. Found this post:
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